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StoryCitra-Beautiful life is something amazing when we know how to travel by ourselves and get lost in the magic of beautiful mother lands.   Many things we can see in our eyes, the heristage, culture, nature and also foodie. That are making adventure more amazing day by day. Nothing special if You just stay in one place without want to try find something new around you and the world.

I am not twin but I feel inside me feel so happy to adventure

Today, Citra wants to tell You story about the best place to enjoy nature in Penang, Malaysia. I get wonderful experience for a few days in Penang, Malaysia. I think it will long story at all but I just want to make you know. Why this place is so special for me, because the nature and foods are making me fall in love. In the first step I see the best view around me.

First day in Penang and Stay in Ollive Tree Hotel
working in the room of Ollive Tree Hotel with speed access internet

Staying in Ollive Tree Hotel is the best location because iy easy to major landmarks and the hotel has nice facilities such as high speed internet access, television with nice cable channels and also swimming pools even small but that has nice view to see the building in front of you. Best breakfast at all during I stay a few days in this hotel. So far I love the breakfast in this hotel. I get 14th floors and I can see beautiful landscape in the night and so far I love to see the light of city in the night.

chill in the swimming pool

Second days, go to Penang National Park and Kerachut Beach
the way to Penang National Park
The weather is nice when the bus goes to the Penang National Park. Its need an hour to rise there but no worry the road is so awesome. I can see the nature from the hills and I love the way to get there. Finally, Taman Negara Pulau Pinang (Penang National Park) which this location very northwest of Pinang island. The area around 2522.1ha which has five natural habitats in this area. The most nice is this area has beach and also meromictic lake in Kerachut Beach or local people said Turtle beach. Do you wonder about this area right? I will tell you completed story soon.

Third days,  Entopia and Outdoor Activities
The weather is nice today, It is like time fly so fast. The reason because let’s getting “fly” and wet in this day. Full activities and get so active and learn in the same time. The first in this day we go to Entopia. Do you know what is it? Emm, No? O.K no worry baby I will tell you. Entopia is butterfly farm in Penang. I always love the subject about butterfly it remind me about my other blog asiabutterflytraveler

Entopia is he reconstruction of the Penang Butterfly Farm which location in Teluk Bahang. This place a lot of knowledge You will get it about butterfly and also insects. Many stories in here, I can not wait to tell you soon! How about the outdoor activities? Let’s try some challenge in Escape, this area is not so far from Entopia. 

This area you can try some activities such as  Jungle Swinger, Balance Beam, Family Trail,  Airbag and many things. Do you more prepare getting wet? Then let’s get to other side which You can get wet and fresh with some play game. I love getting wet, how about you?

Fourth days, Mengkuang Titi Home stay

Let’s get different sensation in Mengkuang Titi Home Stay. This located in Kedah, Malaysia where is Mengkuang Titi has 26 houses and local activities will make you feel like live in the village. In this place, You will get experience of cultural performance, local fruits depend on the season, when I go there the local fruits are cempedak and rambutan. Many activities will make you love to discover this place. I feel peace and relax in this Mengkuang Titi Home Stay and the most when eating the food, so traditional and yummy of course! I love it so much.

Five days, Mangrove River Cruise, Sg Merbok

Let’s get wet in the river and see many mangrove trees and when You are lucky you can see the monkey, birds and many animal which live in Mangrove river. It so fantastic for me which I love to discover the river and see a lot of trees such as mangrove. The most when we spend half day in the oyster farming which this one of home stay and we learn many things on here and the most the foodie haha. Ooopss because of this adventure, my weight get little up J I love it that is now I need to diet.

Six days, Kuala Lumpur

City is something magnet make you love to discover this place. I already a few times get lost in Kuala Lumpur but I never bore about it. Let’s find my adventure story in this blog and do not miss to get nice story about Penang, Kedah, the part of Malaysia. Have a good day and live with happiness, it will make you be better life. 

Happy Story start from You

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