Hire Consultant Travel to Discover Tanjung Pinang

Do you want to travel to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia? Do you really want to discover some parts which You will love it. The problem is You do not know what You want. You want to discover by yourself or a coupe or with your friends but You want to make your own direction. Yes, why not! It would be great because that is what do you want to discover Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Let’s me tell You little bit Information about Tanjung Pinang City. Tanjung Pinang is the capital and The a province of Riau Islands (Riau Archipelago), Indonesia. Tanjung Pinang is a strategic location on the south of Bintan Island, guarding the mouth of the Bintan River. Tanjung Pinang has ferry and speedboat connections to Batam, Singapore (40 km away), and including Johor Bahru (4 hours by ferry).

What You can do if You decided to discover Tanjung Pinang City? Actually You can do a lot activities in this city, especially heritage because a lot of spots about heritage which (perhaps) you would love it. Honestly, I dare myself to be a freelance consultant Travel/trip plus open trip (in the future) because some people asked me to help their make itinerary trip. Most some “clients”, friends love what do I make it for them. Don’t worry if you are budget travel because I can make itinerary such as your financial. I do it because I love it and I also love to get little money being a freelance consultant travel / trip. The most because I love do my jobs so it will not make me stressful because I enjoy it to discuss with you on electric mail (E-Mail), chat on skype or whatsapp if You are really want to used my service. I would love to shared my phone number to You.

 The Reason why You need to hire me such as a consultant Travel/ trip

I know what people (especially You) need a lot of information before discover to the  city!

  • You do not know how much money do you need to explore some places in Tanjung Pinang City.

  • You do not have time to find information hotel such as your budget, that is nice and good reviews about that place. So, that is my job such as a consultant travel/trip. I will find it for You and only You know the result.

  • You want to get nice culinary or food with the friendly price.

  • You want quick, slow or normal traveling. It depend on You. I will settle what do you really want it.

My price for consultant is friendly price because I know some people need more money to spend to food and discovery. 

So, I am perfect to be your consultant travel if You want to discover Tanjung Pinang City and Bintan Island. Because I will give you best service such as I can do. Then, give me an opportunity to make your hope and dream come true when You really want to holiday in Tanjung Pinang City and Bintan Island.

Why You are wonder or confused if You have me such as Your consultant travel in Tanjung Pinang and Bintan island, You do not need wonder about find nice places and food, including hotel such as Your budget because I will HELP YOU with ALL MY HEART. I do it with happiness and bring hope You really enjoy every moment in here (Tanjung Pinang City or Bintan Island)

So, do you want to know more about Tanjung Pinang City and what You can do in this city? Just sent me email  on 2travellife@gmail.com with the subject Need consultant travel/ Travel Time. I will reply as soon as possible.  I won’t You wait to long! It just for serious clients or traveler because every traveler know how much important time for both of us in this world. So, let’s work with me and hire me such as Your Travel Consultant.

Do you need an information about backpacker with public transportation in Java? So, I have special e-book for you and it still on progress. You can contact me to get it and it is not free either expensive. You will not sorry to get it! Because some important information about route and anything already in that book. The book on pdf style and it is not sell on amazon because lately so difficult to join in Amazon and including Google Books application. I do it by myself, I did travel it for few weeks discovery Java start from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Probolinggo (Bromo Mt), Malang, and Batu. So, what are you waiting for!! You just need sent me E-mail to get what information You need it! Read more about me Citra Pandiangan to find if I am good one to be Your consultant travel to make your holiday more wonderful to keep it as memorable in Your life.

Be traveler such as be Your self because that is the most important in our journey in life, including traveling around the world, especially Indonesia! More specific Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Batam and some cities I did discovery by myself. I would love to discuss with You. Helping You, it’s like help me in the future. Because traveling is never end when we still breath in this world.

Happy Story start from You

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