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I am so glad to introducing myself to you (all my new friends) who visit my blog Story Citra. Let’s me to tell you who I am. I am Citra Pandiangan but You can call me Citra. I am simple woman but I have biggest dreams then all of you. Some friends do not agree if I said I am simple woman, they are said I am more than a simple, I am good person with good personality and smart. That is some friends told me like that. I do not know either if that is true or just words to make me HAPPY.

 What should I tell you about me? I just love to shared happiness and also some opinions about life. Because I know so well life is never easy to pass day by day. But I believe every rain drop sometimes will appear rainbow, even that is not all rain we will get rainbow. It just can be appear when STORM come into my life. So, I always said to myself, NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Because life so miracle if you give up so fast.

I have a few blogs but mostly in my mother language, Indonesia. But you can peek it if you wanna know more about me! Because I am only woman who love to spend time to enjoy life and trying to find the meaning of life.

Happy Story start from You


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