Get Lost in Mukut Village, Tioman Island

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StoryCitra-Finding the happiness with small things. Nature also can make you be happy as the way you need it in your life. Happiness can make you young and pretty more than what you expected in your hole life. So, let’s get an adventure to find the meaning of happiness when you need something new and different in alive.

Today, I want to tell you story about getting lost in Mukut Village in Tioman Island. That is best part to get burn skin because the weather so hot if you love to getting burn. This is the best part at all. Why I said like that because only 10 days I am in Mukut Village but I do make skin is brown so badly hahaha. I can’t believe it and Am I feel disappointed because I burn my skin? Not at all if I compare with the amazing nature in Mukut Village.

Mukut Village is not so big part such as other village in Malaysia, perhaps. I am not sure yet either because the people there is not many if I compare with the city in Malaysia but mostly I find their nice people and do not worry if you love to get lost in earth paradise with many out door activities which make your body sweat and wet. This village can be part of your list to visit.

Beach is not beaches people

Do you like to hear the beaches waves surrounder you while you are in the beach. Do you imagine white sands or many sands around you while you are lying under sun light? Then do not go to the Mukut Village because the beach which the Mukut Village is not like that but if you love to getting wet under sea and see the best with many variants coral, I suggest this Mukut village offers the beautiful corals under sea water to make you feel so fantastic.

My story:
I love to get lost in the virgin beach with no many people around me. I feel like this part of the best holiday at all. I can find it in Mukut Village, Tioman Island, Malaysia. The view and the crystal water of sea already hypnotize me. I do fall in love since the first time I visit Mukut Village. I see the coral in the jetty of Mukut Village. The coral so seduce my eyes with the beautiful corals inside the water. I can’t stop my eyes when seeing that coral. How come in the jetty has beautiful coral with the crystal sea water? I can not find the answer hahaha.

The more I discovery Mukut Village to get beach, I find some part to see best view of the beach. If the sky is getting blue with the cloud as decoration of sky that is so perfect. You are the “King and Queen” of your imagine. Let’s find out by yourself, I know some people never believe people so easy, so do not believe it just find it. The best part of your holiday to get lost in paradise in earth. If you are lover of under water, I believe you will love it!

Hiking in The Horn

Do you like an adventure? Do you love to hiking? So, come to the Mukut Village to try your power or energy to get to horn hill. I bet you are so wonder about hiking in the Horn! I will tell you in the second season because time is up. Oops No, I am kidding, I should go right now but I will back soon. 


  1. Horn Hillnya eksotis ya Kak Citra. Never been to Mukut Island. Perhaps someday I will go there, too.


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