How to be Pretty on Summer Day

How to be Pretty on Summer Day A woman always want to look pretty and smart. Don’t judge about desire women to using make up. Make-up is like the best friends of women in the world. Whatever your skin color, your hair style, and your body, you deserve to apply make up to look shining in the summer day. How to be pretty on summer, Quotes of the day, “Protect yourself from negative words. Fight to yourself to find who you are! Every woman deserve to shining and beauty.” – Citra Pandiangan.

Today, I want to tell you story about how to be pretty on summer. I think in some part of this world is SUMMER DAY. Indonesia sometimes hot and rain, the season can’t prediction, but I love summer sometimes. (Indonesia summer season), what you should do to keep pretty even in the hot weather, because the sun light is like burn the earth?

The first at all, we should start a day with moisturizer!
 Do you know, before applying makeup in daily activity; never forget to put moisturizer first. This is one way us to care our skin. Most celebrity also do this list apply moisturizer before adding makeup on their face.  Don’t forget to use good moisturizer as your skin type.

I am almost applies simple moisturizer from local brand Indonesia, viva cosmetic. You can shop on this Why I should add moisturizer before foundation or anything. It will make my face skin keep smooth and health.

how to be pretty on summer day

Continue to Sunscreen and UV protection
After adding moisturizer in face; do not forget to continue sunscreen and UV protection. So our skin will not get dry under the sun light on SUMMER season. This step is very important when summer season because sunscreen will protect your skin from lighting of the sun. So, do not forget to use this before applying makeup and the most important used it every day and every two hours when you are lying on the beach.  

I never forget my sunscreen when go outside. The small tube is very easy to carry everywhere. The most important I used sunscreen 100 SPF to protect skin from sun light. I know my skin is brown but I won’t make it trouble under the sun light.

Buy makeup primer
Do you know apply makeup in summer, it will like kill your face because you will sweat a lot and make makeup GONE from the sweat! So, you can invest something to make you feel good and pretty even in summer day. That is right buy in a powerhouse makeup primer. This is simple reason primer is not heavy like foundation, so you can layer makeup primer before applying powder.

Primer is different the foundation. Don’t use foundation if in summer day and you most go outside because it will make your face get trouble. Better apply little layer of makeup primer to make you keep glowing.

Glow with some bronzer
Do you know bronzer? I did buy it but I still not use it at all. Actually, bronzer will make your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter. Because of everyone will look warmth in our skin. How to get that style, that is simple; we just need to applying bronzer in the high points of our face, where the sun naturally hits us: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose.  Put the powder bronzer is very easy to apply in ours faces.

Wear less makeup
Like I told you before, we should wear less makeup when summer. We do not want makeup will mess, because it will move around when it's hot, so the best way to handle it, we wear less of makeup.

Let’s continue about how to protect hair in summer day. It also very important because if our hair looks unhealthy, it will make our performance is not perfect at all. So are you ready?  This is not secret anymore when summer will make dry your hair and also it one of cause damage hair.  So, be careful when choose products for our hair in the hot season.

Shampoo With Care
I know the feel when we were sweat a lot and we always want to clean all our body and including hair wash every day.  Doing this will cause more harm than good. Too much shampoo can dry up your scalp and hair even more.  The good advice buy shampoo which it special for summer because it will good for summers.

When you are washing your hair, remember to put shampoo just on your scalp, not the hair, and as you wash your hair. Continue with conditioner. It will good to make your hair good and it will not easy to get drying out while in the sun. After finishing wash our hair, the most important to dry our hair so gently with towel.

So you will be ready to get pretty and health while summer season. The most important to be pretty on summer, NEVER FORGET to DRINK a water! Let’s make the hydration go away, so your skin and body will thank for you.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Thank for your information. Acctualy i don't like makeup, but if i go out, i always put sun screen to my face and neck.

  2. Wow you look more beautifull and more young with make up viva sista, and I love Viva too. How abaut primer cosmetik? I use ultima (green) too

  3. Love this tips, how to be pretty on summer days!!
    For sure, while a primer is used to help makeup last longer, reduce transfers, ensure an even application and produce a smoother surface, a foundation is used to create a smooth and even complexion, while also hiding blemishes and redness.
    That's why primer is the best for summer days!

  4. Mba citraaa. Bener banget hahaha kalo summer mungkin cukup sunblock dan daycream aja kali yaaa. Percuma juga pakai bedak belum ada 10 menit udah keringetan haha. Btw thanks for sharing

  5. Kalo aku di cuaca panas udah gak kebentuk kali ya 😂 meleleh, tapi saran gunakan sedikit mek ap mmg ngebantu, sebab kalo mek ap terlalu tebal di cuaca atau situasi panas, duh gak kebayang dah kayak apa 😅

  6. Saya komentnya pake bahasa Indonesia aja ya mba, hehehe. Sebab bahasa Inggris saya kurang lancar. Tapi bagus juga ada blog berbahasa Inggris , bisa jadi referensi belajar bahasa Inggris selain dari sekolah formil

  7. Wah makasih tipsnya kak. Kalau minum aku enggak pernah lupa kok. Tapi sementara ini buat wajah, aku senengnya pake pelembab sama sunscreen dan besak aja sih sejauh ini karena belum terbiasa make-upan. Baca bagian rambut, deuh ya ampun aku dah lama gak conditioneran rambutnya.

  8. Saya lihat kebiasaan istri saya selalu menggunakan make up setiap kali hendak keluar rumah. Bahkan ketika enggak ada agenda keluar pun dia tetap dandan setiap kali sehabis mandi. Apakah semua wanita punya kebiasaan seperti ini ya kak?

  9. Makasih banyak sharingnya mbak. Memang ya minum air putih yang sesuai bukan cuma buat kesehatan badan tapi juga untuk kesehatan kulit terutama di musim panas.

  10. Sumatera udah masuk musim panas nih ya kak. Gaya dandanan outdoor harus menyesuaikan nih. Hebatttt Kak Citra.

  11. The brand that you mentioned, Viva Cosmetic, brought me to my childhood memory when my family have a shop, we sold viva cosmetic powder, and the product still exist until now. How a legend cosmetic brand

  12. Yes, gimana pun bagusnya perawatan kita jangan sampe lupa drink water ya kak Citra. Karena tubuh yang lembab harus cukup asupan air.

  13. It is right to be pretty with step that miss. Citra. I do that everyday and I drink a mineral water for my body everyday

  14. Hi Citra, i just know your another blog in here. thank u for your tips, its very helpful. btw should we put sunblock even inside home ?

  15. Drinking water everyday every time, of you want to be pretty

  16. Ini blog bahasa Inggris gitu tah? Saya pertama kali ke sini. Jadi sedih, gak tau artinya. :(

  17. Ini blog bahasa Inggris gitu tah? Saya pertama kali ke sini. Jadi sedih, gak tau artinya. :(

  18. Sama dengan anjuran dokter, air putih bener-bener menjadi penetralisir metabolisme tubu, dibandingkan dengan minuman lainnya


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