Broken Heart

Hello, this is my first poem or poetry after long time never writing poetry. So here I am trying to make simple poem to write in my new blogs. It is about the broken heart feeling. Tell me, do you ever get broken heart? How it is feel? Pain and making your color world get GREY and BLUE right.

It’s o.k because it is part of life journey when you wanna know about LOVE and you should know the feeling while your dream is not like what you expected. No worry, every body know that! Nothing real and nothing immortal when you get wrong girl/man for fall in love. Just open your heart for the new one. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the reading.

Broken Heart

What is the feeling pain?
When You feel broken heart
Nothing words can explain
How much the pain inside your heart

Your world seem like blue and blur
No one will understand what you feel
They just said with simple words “DONE”
But the feeling inside your heart its PAIN

Broken heart is something you should get
When you fall in love with wrong person
Nothing words can explain about this pain
It just feel inside and making your world grey

Broken heart is not so simple words
The relationship is over right now
But It more then the sadness come
Blue will be gone soon after you can fix it
Nothing immortal in this world
Including perfect love you give
But all is worth it to the right one
Now it just history when the broken heart gone

April 1st 2017

Happy Story start from You

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