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Hello! Thanks for visiting Story Citra. How are you? Wish the best of luck for you who visit here, double lucky ^_^. Today, I wanna to re-write some words which I did write on my instagram on citrapandiangan and also citrap81. You can follow me there, if you want and I will follow you back, of course. Promise, with cross fingers.

Some quotes today I shared here, I guess I did publish in some pictures for contain my article on kitabahagia blog,  and also chitchat blog as I said to this blog Ngerumpi Yuk (that is my mother language) but mostly the quotes I made in English, so every body in the world when visit there will understand little bit the points of the article I made there. Please drop line when you have time to visit them. Mostly kitabahagia (read we are happy) in Indonesia language but Kotacinta (read: City of Love) bilingual language Indonesia to English, so you can read on English version, so simple. Oops I forget to tell you the quotes, I just talk much about my special “baby” blogs. I called them my kids.

 Quotes The Day I give (read: made) it for You.

The best action
Get blessing day
Show with smile
It show anything
without a word
You are Happy

Note: Smile is action to show how much you are happy today. Because you can not lie on SMILE. That’s Pure smile can see on your face without you notice, you are feeling so damn happy.

 All plan mess but  Still FUN time
Weekend . . .
Always FUN
When  RUN
away FROM

Note: Mostly, when weekend we should get FUN. Because weekend is a day where we can ran away from deadline for a while. Who is not feeling happy when get escape in beautiful beach while weekend then working all weekend and week days.


Note: Sometimes surprise is making You SHOCK! Coz You never expected. This special for introvert who do not like surprise. This people just enjoy on their world without interaction with people or friends around them. So surprise just make them “SURPRISE without Happy”

O.K I guess only a few quotes with simple words to company your day today. Remember everything with simple way can description with simple words to explain your day. So, what is the best words to say this is special weekend for you?

Happy Story start from You


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