Flashback Staycation in Harmoni Suites Hotel Batam

review hotel harmoni suites batam

Storycitra.com- What do you imagine after pandemic end? I bet you want to get lost in beautiful place, but you have problem also with the financial while you have to stay at home. Actually, when you are in Batam, you can try different way to get fun. Quotes of the day, “Simple think can get simple things to get fun. No need to get far away, just staycation in your area will make you feel fun either.” – Citra Pandiangan.

review hotel harmoni suites batam

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Review Harmoni Suites Hotel Batam at Nagoya.” I stay there long time ago after going back from the Tioman Island, Malaysia. When I was check in and I forgot, I did not bring cash money and the receptionist ask deposito money around 500,000 IDR in that time. I have money but in ATM, I just have little money in my wallet because the last money I gave to the taxi driver from harbor to hotel. I just have Malaysian money. So, I gave it to them but they said it was o.k.


Finally they gave us the key and I went to the room. Let’s talk little bit about Harmony Suites Hotel and apartment in Nagoya location in Batam. They offer style room as suite room, studio room, studio corner room. If I was not forget, I stay in Studio corner, this hotel also has kitchen set in this room; comfortable bed. I choose double bed, because in that time I was stay with my friend from Jakarta. She came to Tanjungpinang city because she also wants to get lost in Tioman Island. So, we still had some extra time to enjoy in Batam.

 The room was comfortable design, big bed and also desk, including flat television. Besides that in the bathroom, they offer bath tube. My friend enjoy bath tube for long time, because when in island we got little trouble with the water to taking shower. So, enjoy the time in normal bath room was more enjoy then everything as a woman; I guess.


After taking time for bath tub, then my turn to do the same things; showering without rush. We were taking rest, then continue to explore this hotel. They also have swimming pool with the nice design even small pool, but my friend enjoy to gets wet in the pool. I just take time to gym in the same level floors. Doing exercises and ending with the sauna was amazing day. We were getting fun in this hotel even the space was not big enough, but the design and the time while we staycation there was awesome!

We were really slow explore and get lost either hahaha. Honestly, this facility for the gym I gave 5 thumbs. This hotel offers drink in the gym area; good towels for exercises and also swimming. We just told the stuff our number room. Next time, perhaps I will try to stay cation again in this hotel. How about you? Do you ever stay in Harmony Suites Hotel Batam in Nagoya area? This place is perfect because so close with the mall, we called Nagoya Hill Mall.

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