Temburun Waterfall at Anambas Island

Temburun Waterfall at Anambas Island with seven levels rocks -source picture

StoryCitra- Long time ago, I visited Batu-Malang just only to see waterfall there. Poor me, when I was there, the waterfall was not full of water. But I still can enjoy the cold weather around that located. I will tell you later about this place. I just wonder, I can go travel so far to look waterfall in Java. I do not realize if Riau Archipelago Province also has waterfall.

Today Citra wants to tell you about Temburun Waterfall in Anambas Island. I bet most of you still never know where is Anambas. I just heard this name a few months ago and I hope one day I can step my feet in this island. Wish me luck to go adventure there. But, I got sweet info from “goverment of Anambas” while made exhibition long time ago in Tanjungpinang city of Bintan Island.

I can imagine this is still virgin of waterfall. Because still not many people know about this destination. Can you imagine why the name of waterfall in Anambas is Tembarun waterfall. Because this waterfall so unique contours of cliffs and has seven levels rocky staircases. The most important, why I wanna visit there because the water is flowing hard directly in to the sea from the high top 250 meters. Awesome, right!

I am thinking and imagine while I am visiting this place. I can see the seven levels with unique levels from the high of 250 meters and the most the water so flowing hard. Its perfect waterfall to visit.

The point or reason why You and I should visit this place because the water so clear pass on rock by rock. So amazing to see and feel the water. As a waterfall, the water will come across the line and make the pond under waterfall. Of course, it is ok for us (You and I) to jump into pond to get wet to feel the cold water and cool air in this area. Because most of this area still has many trees. So nature and traffic.

dare yourself to find the sensation while trekking in this place - source picture

You can dare yourself, if you have times to explore Temburun Waterfall with the trekking across to get in the middle of waterfall. But remember that is not easy to do. Because the rock so slick. So when you do trekking to get in the middle. You should careful. Because the magic of waterfall will make you fall in love to dare yourself till get in the up or middle of waterfall.

Do you know while you are on the top waterfall, You can see spectacular panorama from top of waterfall. No worry because local government already make road how to get there place. So, many people, special you who want to visit this place can easy to get fun and look the nature of waterfall there.

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How to get there:

You can use by land. Because the waterfall located in the Temburun village, East Siatan District. You can get accessed by motorcycle. From Tarempa city and it take around an hours and passed several villages.

You also can visit this place by sea and used pompong (small boat) from Tarempa city to this waterfall place. The rate to rent of pompong around 200.000 IDR or in USD 20 dollars. A pompong contain at least 15 people and it takes around an hour to get there place. So do you wanna try adventure in this island. Find the nature and get lost in magnificent in Anambas island.

I will dare myself to get adventure in this place one day. To see the virgin and unique waterfall in Anambas island with the unique name of waterfall. Temburun because located of waterfall in the Temburun village.

Source: exploring anambas book from Anambas government 

Happy Story start from You

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  1. duh kerennn kak semoga suatu hari nanti bisa maen kesini pokoknya

    1. Iya mas Agus sama, aku juga ingin main ke temburun juga hihi.

  2. Nice writing Citra.... Is this newest of your baby blog? You are so good....

    1. Thanks Menix, Yup, this is my newest baby blog. I wish it will useful too

  3. Ke batu duluuuu... dan hy di vila doang. Diklat ��

    1. hihi iya dulu mbak sewaktu aku belum kenal sampean.. tapi ingin balik lagi ke sana... masih banyak spot yang belum di jelajahi... doain yo

  4. Wow! Temburun waterfalls.. I wish i'll go there someday..

    1. Kalau mba dian ini, pasti bakalan tercapai make a wishnya dalam waktu singkat. soale mank ratu jalan2 cantik


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