Hunting FireFly at Mangrove Bintan

Speechless While See Fireflies Bring You to Passed
find fireflies in mangrove forest at Bintan Island source pic

StoryCitra- Never say Never to holiday even just short holiday. I have been run away to Medan for a few days. I did visit some awesome places. That was so amazing to tell you. But, this time I won’t tell about my short adventure in Medan. Because, RIGHT NOW I wanna tell you another island. This island has a lot of destinations for tourism. Mostly, Indonesian people seldom know about this place. This place so awesome if you love to adventure in nature. No worry, this destination still in Indonesia. Because, I am still fall in love to shared about Wonderful Indonesia, especially destination tourism in Riau Archipelago Province.

Do You know Bintan Island? I bet most of you just know about Bali then this island. Bintan island has a lot of destination tourism if You love to adventure and explore the nature. This island is perfect to get fun here. Today, I wanna tell you story about mangrove destination tourism in special area Lagoon in Bintan Island. Because, today I just visit that place and it so awesome to share it.

Mangrove forest in Bintan Island to make you get different sensation of Pesona Indonesia, source pic

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Mangrove Night tour to “catch” firefly located at Sebong River which this tour will make you speechless while see many fireflies in mangrove trees as long as on the river. Honestly, this is my best fantastic adventure for this day. Why I said like that, as I do remember in hole my life. The last time I saw firefly when I was ten years old. That was mean its already long time ago. That is why I am speechless while see it still exist and fly free under mangrove trees. A thousand of fireflies fly away and they bring you to the pass moment.

Honestly, its (The Mangrove Discovery Night Tour) is like magical. You only can see the perfect fireflies only in the night. Its look like you discovery the jungle in the night, little scary while first time the boat take us to the jungle. But while see the little light under trees (mangrove trees) its like something awesome and magical. Perfect when you see the dark of sky with a lot of starts when you take little bit your head and moon is smiling with you. Its so damn romantic.

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waiting boat to take to mangrove night tour in Bintan island

The sky so grey with little line white mix with black and a hundred starts from  up while you seat on the boat and sound boat and water of Sebong river make it froth. Its like the nature said welcome to jungle and enjoy your time to explore us. Why fireflies  night tour start around 06.30 PM? Because in that time, You can see firefly with the little light under the darkness mangrove tree.

The shape of rivers with a lot of mangrove even it in night also look amazing. With the style of river Mangrove, the captain of boat should smart and be careful while bring us to the jungle. Of course, I never lie night is making the cool night air and the silent of mangrove forests will make your imagine so damn fantastic and also horror. Because, there is also has wild animal like snakes. I will tell you about this another article one day.

enjoying night adventure mangrove to find fireflies under darkness, taken picture ruziana

But, you, yes you are! Dare yourself to visit Bintan Island, Indonesia and take this Bintan Mangrove Night Tour package while you holiday in Indonesia, especially Riau Archipelago. I bet you never say sorry and disappointed while trying to this an adventure. Its like you meet fairy.

While the boat stop near Mangrove trees, our guide in boat splash the river water to the mangrove trees and make fireflies fly away and the tiny light similar with Christmas tree with a lot of lamps light and make blinking. Because the dark sky and dark jungle make the light so bright. Mmmm, I can not prove it because my smartphone can not take the picture while an hour tour in forest. But my eyes catch everything with the world say “Awesome, cool. Its so fantastic.”

Because the twinkling lights on fireflies so fantastic. On the boat journey when we almost finish and the boat should bring back us to the jetty (pier), you can back your body and see the darkness of mangrove and compare it when you look in the sky and also front of you. If you are lucky to count  starts in the sky (hihihi) so awesome night adventure.  The best moment either when our boat went to jungle and we also see another boat which it was a local fishermen fishing or trying to catching crabs and shrimps.

I won’t to tell you the detail of Mangrove Night tour to catch the fireflies because You should try it one time! Making you get to different time in an hour, its so worth it spend money to get unique and bring you to something You never imagine it before. This time, I just tell about night an adventure. Next time I will tell you what will you get while you wanna get mangrove adventure in Bintan Island in the morning time.

Is expensive to get the sensation of mangrove night tour in Bintan Island, Indonesia? I will answer it is not so expensive. You just need spend money start around 350.000 IDR for foreign tourist and local tourists just need 250.000 IDR per person to enjoy this an adventure. So, why you are still thinking hard about this decision. Just, take a chance to explore and meet fireflies in Mangrove. Its so rare and its so awesome. Do I ever lie to you about amazing place to visit? So, enjoy your time and let’s meet the thousand of fireflies in the mangrove night at Bintan island. I bet you will love it, like I do love it so awesome and still make me remember about that moment. 

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