Sensation in Pulau Ketam Malaysia

Storycitra- Who can reject to get an adventure in another island which I never step my feet there. Honestly, I am so lucky I get wonderful experience while get my first step in Pulau Ketam, Klang, Malaysia. The name this island so unique actually while the first time I heard about this island, Ketam? Ketam is mean crab. So, can you imagine what will you see in the Ketam Island (Crab island) in Klang, Malaysia? Do you wonder about my experience there? What you should do while holiday there and how to go there?

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the Crab Island. Pulau Ketam is an island located off the coast of Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. To get there island, I and You should use boat with all journey on boat you can see many mangroves. 

The view of journey to Pulau Ketam

When I am on the way to the Pulau Ketam, the boat has passed two jetty. First in Sungai Lima (Fifth River) and the second is Pulau Ketam near Hotel Sea Lion. I will not talking about Sungai Lima, but mostly about Pulau Ketam, because I just passed this part. Oops I mean, I just holiday there!


From South Port Klang, remember guys, south port Klang, o.k, because Klang has some ports and you should not get wrong port to go to Pulau Ketam. In there port has 3 services of boats, one the biggest called Alibaba boat the ticket for one way only 9 RM and return 18 and small boat around 8 RM one way. How long to reach Pulau Ketam from South Port Klang? It is no need long time, only 20 minutes. You can enjoy your time on the boat while see the view of journey with a lot of islands which contain with mangroves. So lovely if you are lucky get wonderful weather. So, blue sky and cloud will be best part of your friends during your journey.

The biggest boat to bring us to Pulau Ketam, only RM 9 one way

Best suggestion if you are first time visit Pulau Ketam, choose the biggest boat Alibaba because this boat so big with two floor. One floor with full AC in room and the second floor you can see amazing view without window will make your picture is not good because of glasses of window. No worry, if you love to get nature wind to make your hair messy and smell the fresh oxygen, the second floors is the best part to enjoy your journey to get you in Pulau Ketam. Mostly, local people said the big boat part is outdoor and indoor. So outdoor, you should in up and indoor you should in down with full AC. So whatever it called. That is not change the function of the big boat to get reach Pulau Ketam.

the view of jetty Pulau Ketam, you can see a lot of bicycles

When the boat stop and the first time I see in the Pulau Ketam port is bicycles. I think it just for tourist who want to rent during holiday in Pulau Ketam. In fact, the local people of Pulau Ketam used that bicycles as transportation on this island other than walking. So, you will never see car in that island, mostly you can see small boats. No worry, if you also want to use bicycle then walk during spend time in this island. You can rent bicycle with cheaper price to explore the village. No worry, you will never lost! Because this island not so big and all the people so friendly. I am so unlucky can not explore this island with bicycle because ssstsss this is secret, O.K! Do not tell anybody if I am afraid ride bicycle in this island because the road so small. It seem like Penyengat island, Tanjungpinang, If I compared it! But, the different is local people!

I bet you will surprise while I said this island (Pulau Ketam) mostly the local people are Chinese. Sstsss, honestly, I am so surprise either while see mostly the people in Pulau Ketam are Chinese. I think the local Malay which still traditional habit. But, all my opinion absolutely wrong! The Chinese people in this island from two clans of Teochew and Hokkien. O.K, I will not talking about this history, I just wanna make you jealous about why you should to visit this island one day when you have time to holiday.

one of the best fresh seafood in Pulau Ketam, so yummy :) emm

The sensation in Pulau Ketam of course the food, all the culinary in this island fresh. If you are fan with seafood, then this place the best to enjoy the fresh seafood menu from crab, fish, prawn, and many things you can order with friendly price. Eating fresh culinary and you also want to brings some food from this island, you can find dry fishes and many thing seafood on dry. Because same part of this island has place to make this dry. Actually, I am already sleepy and this story also to long to read. Do not wonder, I will tell you more about this island and more sensational and make you think two times you should step your feet either in this islands.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Very good write up like bicycle riding seems eco-friendly and nicer to explore the island.

    1. thank you, yes it is and nice to explore this island


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