StoryCitra-Sometimes I miss the moment become journalist but I can not lie being a Blogger also so blessing. Its like something half my soul still exist in my mind and body. I was feeling so happy when I get invation to attend in event BLR (Bintan Lagoon Resort) Iftar for movers and snakers of Bintan.

Its almost open fasting while I arrived there (Bintan Lagoon Resort) in Bintan island, Indonesia. Nearly 100 guests graced to the Iftar or breaking of fast. This event held during the Ramadan month in Bintan Lagoon Resort. The moslem music is playing while I came insidise. Some bloggers from Singapore already seat and hearing the music while talking. The  religious music performed by Grup Marawis Modern Pasir Putih and a prayer by Ustadz Nurfadli.

Hosted by Vice President Director, Mr Moe Ibrahim, the Iftar event drew island government leaders, divisional heads and leaders of the business community. This event held at Resort’s breezy beach side restaurant Nelayan, the evening showcased a lavish spread of mouthwatering specialities from various Indonesian provinces, Malaysia and India under the culinary supervision of Executive Chef Suhairi.

Moe Ibrahim said thanked guests for their support and added “ The potential of Bintan is enormous. One day the world will wake up and realize there is a paradise right next door to Singapore. 

“I am impatient and I want this day to come NOW! I’m excited because all of the people who can make this happen are here tonight. We have a lot of work to do, and I look forward to doing my part and working closely with you all this year. I hope you share my BIG DREAM with me. God bless you all and Happy Ramadan!” Moe Ibrahim talked in speech.

After speeching, we heard a little sermon from Ustadz Nurfadli. Mostly, they open with little snack before going to mosque to pray. The bus is already waiting in front of Nelayan restaurant to bring them to mosque. Its not to long, after praying, they back to restaurant to enjoy the meals which already serves in some of spots food.

Wonder about what food already serves, I do go around and see and mostly so yummy. Because, it still concept food as a various Indonesian provinces, Malaysia and India. Mostly all so yummy and temptation to eat all of them if you can eat all meals, desert which so delicious.

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