Enjoy Time in Hidden Paradise Bintan Lagoon Resort

StoryCitra-Get lost in paradise in earth? Who can rejected! Even the sky still dark when I should wait friends to go together in Bintan Lagoon Resort, one of the Luxury Resorts in Bintan Island, Indonesia. I am waiting them while seeing the sky step by step the darkness get disappear by wind. Suddenly, a car stop in front of me. I open the door and see my friends, Ruziana and Soleh. The journey need around one hour from Tanjungpinang to Lagoi.

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The road is not so bad because its new road. Long time ago we need more than one half hours to get rise Lagoi but now everything is so easy, including the road to Lagoi. Lagoi is special places, many luxury hotels and resorts there. So, when I get invitation to attend there, I can not rejected. Even, I just back from Malaysia. We arrive in Bintan Lagoon Resort around  05.30 pm. One of staff Bintan Lagoon Resort is already waiting us on lobby. After meet him, Mr Ikhwan. He brings us to Nelayan Restaurant. We come and meet some people who work in Bintan Lagoon Resort, they are friendly people. Ah, in that time either, we meet Singapore Bloggers.

 Time so fast, it almost open fasting for muslim religion people. Before it, The President Director, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Moe Ibrahim said some words about appreciate open fasting in Nelayan Resort and about the resort paradise in next Singapore. Yups, I am agree with his speech about this is paradise.

When I am looking around because waiting some friends finish praying in mosque. Before enjoying dinner in Nelayan Resort. Nelayan Resort so close to the beach with the wonderful view of course. Its look so romantic to dinner here in the night. Its perfect when Looking the orange light of sun in the beach.

Time is really fast when you enjoy time in the beach. The sky is getting dark and then time to explore the foods in Nelayan Resort. I love the desert of course. But, I also love the live cooking food for BBQ and also martabak in the out door restaurant. Its so nice and look so awesome for me. What should I say about the food? 

All is so delicious. I love it, the chicken BBQ, Satay with the bean sauce so yummy including food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf or coconut leaf. Indonesia said lontong or ketupat. Its match couple to eat all of them inside your yummy.

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I also love this martabak which Mr Sheikh Ghulam Muhammad, Chef de Cuisine present how to cook martabak. I did make the video, I will post it as soon as possible because it need little editing. Dinner in Nelayan Restaurant at Bintan Lagoon Resort is fantastic with all of the menu and also design interior which so match in the night.  I am eating a lot in that time because everything so nice to try.

After eating what is the most fantastic activity? Sleeping? That is true to fill the energy before explore this place in the morning time. Our room, because I shared with a friend, in the 5th floors with the twin standard room. Its so nice place to sleep. I will show you later about the room I sleep tonight.  Do you want to get best experience like me, find friendly price Bintan Lagoon hotel and resort here

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