Quotes of June 2017

 Nothing can stop TIME. Time always works and never stop even just a second. So never to think to stop time! Talking about how to stop time, I ever watched movies about it and the result always same “You can not back the pass and You can not control the time.” So just lets time work as the way a clock always circle to change hour to hour. So what should we do? We just enjoy every time comes to us. We still lucky can see and look what is time right now.

No wonder about pass or future if you do what ever you love to do in alive. Alive as normally do work, fun, work and fun, career, family and holiday. That is circle of our life. But, if your life is not balance then you hope your time can get to the pass and wonder about how is look your future. Because you never know and always wonder and then time goes so fast then you realize.

So here I am and try to remind every time pass gone and leave me best and bad memories to remind it. Its alive, sometimes we should take it without guaranteed it will be good or bad in the future. At least we keep do the best and never stop to make life balance. So our life will be best ever in our opinion nor in your neighbor. Talking about life, I am trying to make my own quotes this day. I wish this will make me keep spirit to waiting July. That month so damn make me scare as well as I am born in the first date on July hahaha.... That is mean I am really afraid getting OLD. Because, I wanna young forever, I wish, I could. But I know it just dream and I am dreamer still dreaming it every years.

Never Give Up
You can see the world with beautiful view
But you just see something already pretty one
You never see the progress how it become wonderful
Its all need process to make it pretty with work hard
Never give up always the key to be success in alive
Let’s making life success step by step without word
I am give up to be someone I figure it out!

Success in Our Hands
Everybody wants to be success in alive
Many ways to be success as you do
Some people choose to be short way to success
But that is never immortal with the short cut success
If you do your progress being success step by step

Then the result will be long time you can enjoy it
Because every choice will be in our hands
Want to fast  success with many ways to make it easy
Then you got it but its not for long time to enjoy it
Everything will give feed back to us and remember that!

Best of Luck
Someone has wish to be lucky in alive
But it just words to make it luck
Never do to get luck with his own hands
Then it just dream in afternoon dreaming

I wish you enjoy my simple quotes this month and I know that so long words to make quotes. I also do not know, how come it become so longer then usually. Maybe I am in good mood to write something awesome! Hahaha. Happy day my friends. All the best for us in this month. Remember, everything we do it will give feed back to us fast or least in the end. 

Happy Story start from You

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