Fantastic Time in Istana Alam Shah Klang you ever dream to see the palace in real life? When I was kid, I always love pretended I was princess and prince will take me out from palace to another palace. But, now I can see the real palace with my own eyes. What can I say? Its so awesome, guy! Eh, readers. Do you wonder what kind of palace I ever visit and how that be my best experience while holiday?

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about The Palace of Alam Shah. The located is in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. I was visited place and I feel so excited when see the palace. Its like dream came true. While you were kids and pretended to be prince or princess. Even only a few hours but that was my best experience, indeed! That place called Istana Alam Shah. It is the official palace of the Sultan of Selangor, located in southern Klang, the royal town of the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

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As I know from the information when I visited there, the palace was built in 1905 during the rule of Sultan Sir Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah, who was the fifth Sultan of Selangor. The Sultan went on to live in the palace for 35 years until his death in 1938. It was also here that the 7th Sultan, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, was born. (1)
Let’s talking about the palace! I visited this place with the group of Eat Travel Write 5.0. I felt so excited while saw the palace from close. It was like “wow, I really see the palace.” We get friendly welcome from the management of Istana Alam Shah. I also get allow take some pictures in outside with the sign of the palace.

Before going to the spot for welcome guess, I passed nice corridor with a lot of furniture and souvenir. Awesome! That was what I am thinking before get to the dining room. There was already some snack which waiting for us to taste of them. So yummy, let’s try that snack!

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After eating snack which all the snack so  yummy and I love it all. One of employee Istana Alam Shah gave the greeting and clue about to get tour inside Istana Alam Shah. Most of group members listen it with careful. Suddenly, I really need to go to toilet before the speech end. Wow, the toilet was so nice design and clean either. Love it!

Members group and I visited some spots which allow to show in private tour, that were Balai Tengah, Balai Santapan Diraja, Bilik Menghadap Balairung Seri, Bilik Tuanku, Balai Pengampunan Negeri and  Balai Dewan di-Raja. Most of the rooms has nice design interior or decoration. Event every rooms has different design but mostly the color were yellow, red and gold.

I can not explain about words but picture can say anything right. You can see the pictures so You can imagine what do you feel when you visit that place either.

After get around the inside Istana Alam Shah, we were going to some awesome places. I bet you were wonder about it right! Lets I told you Mosque Istana Diraja, Football or soccer gallery and the last was car gallery. That was awesome with amazing collection of cars, bike, and motor bikes. I bet most all of you jealous with us now hihihi... I will show you the pictures to proof it. I was really visit that place and some people said it was difficult to visit Istana Alam Shah. 

Actually, you also can visit it, in a week has 2 days open for public group with condition the group should register to visit Istana Alam Shah on official Istana Alam Shah website. The dress code should formal. No sipper and no jeans. Wanna try to visit here? You will feel magic to visit Istana Alam Shah with all beautiful interior and design. Like I did!

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  1. Luxury palace I guess, like palace in Europe.

    Nice story sist.
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