Mangrove Match Beach so Perfect

 StoryCitra-Beautiful nature is the best place to find peace and relax. Green and blue are perfect match in the nature. Holiday is something every body need it. Let’s get holiday and fun with me in Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Today, I wants to tell you story about the best place to run away from routine. Its like paradise to see sunset. Let’s go to this place and find the spot to make you feel peace and awesome to feel relax. We know, life is heavy and difficult sometimes. But, life is awesome too. Its depend on our mind to get best opinion in alive. Holiday is the best way to reload bad day become awesome day.

This place call TRC Resort tourist attraction. Located in Teluk Sebong, Bintan, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. I am sorry, this time I can not make the MAP to show you how to go there. But, this place is worth it to visit when you go holiday in Bintan Island. The reason is  the ticket is cheaper. Its only 5.000 IDR per person and also the view so fantastic. I do come to this place already two times and I never bored to visit here again.

The sea is so nice with some trees around the beach. The sound of waves will make you feel so calm. After playing with the waves in the beach and also swings in near beach. We can go to the green forest near beach. Its called mangrove

Around mangroves trees has a lot of gazebos and cottages for us to enjoy meal there. Because in mangroves bridge has place to buy food. But, when I visit there, its still close. So, I just walk around bridge and take many photos. There also has some benches which we can seat while meditation or just relax while seeing sun light come from the beach between mangrove trees. What can I say that is so awesome.

You also can play with your shadow when sun will disappear. Its wonderful see sunset when you are lucky to get best weather while visit this place. Swings swing in beach sides under tree and make feet wet because of sea waves so nice. Because going to the beach without feel the water, its like eat vegetable without salt. Weiks....

Its not nice right. So, thinking and relaxing in this place so recommended. If you want to know more about this place, you can ask me and I will tell you more. I wish next time I can visit this place again so I can make direction. Long time ago, when I visit this place for the first time I got lost and its so scary! The second time I am using car with some friends so I also confused about direction. For the third time, I wish it will perfect!

Happy Story start from You

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