Marry Me!

StoryCitra-A few days ago Facebook remind me about my memory, when I was writing about the purpose. The way someone purpose you. Is that cool right! When someone purpose you with the romantic and surprise way. I love it and also the song Bruno Mars with the tittle “Marry Me.”

So, to remind me how was romantic I was. I will make the poetry about that. Maybe my readers, friends need something romantic words to keep fire of love to beloved. Because love is about words who make you feel bless and wonderful such as romantic to keep survive. Because you have someone who is waiting you!

Long time, I never make poetry on this blog and I know some of friends already wait to find out about my feeling. Poetry, poem or whatever words said about that, its something to show your feeling, how you can description about what do you feel with words. Even when you are feeling angry, the pain words will come out from your mouth. Its not you hurt yourself after said that words. But, its also hurt someone who heard about the pain of words.

Mostly, people always love to heard such as beautiful words.

Marry Me
Its so scary words to think it
Most people always reject it
Because it something so scare
Life with someone in hole your life

Marry Me, some people are waiting that words
Its something to build relationship more intense
Wonderful moment when someone said that words
That is mean he/she wants to be with you forever

Because strong love will show with this moment
Its fantastic in romantic place with sweet words
Something make a couple feel the world in their hands
That is call pure love when someone said I want marry You

Bintan Island, June 29, 2017

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