Spicy and Fun Eat Fried Rice in Claypot Andak Klang

Storycitra-Eating while holiday was perfect moment to enjoy local food. It was awesome to do when you decided to holiday. It was like I do when I visited Klang. I really enjoyed every culinary I found and eaten all of them. Did you like to enjoy local food either while holiday in some country?

 Today, Citra wants to tell you story about eating in Claypot Andak Klang.  Do not imagine this place is best place with wonderful view while you decide to eat in this place. This is normally place like waroeng/cafe. Even like that this place so comfortable and sometimes while you are eating in this place, you will see good performance band from the owner of Claypot Andak Klang.

I bet you will not disappointed while you decide to try local food in this restaurant. Because, mostly the food so yummy and I am still remember some foods I try while eating on that place. Mostly the sensation of fried rices. Because they offer some variant of fried rice you should try!

Balado Fried Rice and Green Chili Fried Rice

Mostly people know the menu of fried rice, even you never visit Asia. I bet you ever taste this food. Fried rice has a lot of variants including this place, Claypot Andak offer some variants of fried rice. Some of this fried rice has fans. They are Balado fried rice and green chili fried rice. I know that sound weird when I make in English. Balado is mean red chili which get process to be chili red sauce. The taste of red chili is not so spicy then the green chili. That is why I love to eat green chili fried rice. Because for this food made by traditional. The green chili get crash by manual without machine. So texture of chili still exist and this make the taste of chili more spicy. So, I really love to eat this fried rice. The menu in Malaysia language call “Nasi Goreng Tumbuk

Wow, eat spicy food will make your tongue burn. But no worry, it is not so bad like that. You can make spicy gone with the fresh drink. I prepare mango juice or selanggor ice. That is so awesome to make spicy gone from mouth. The taste real mango so best neither the selanggor ice also so sweet to drinking till empty glass.

No worry, that is just some experience while eating in Claypot Andak. Mostly the famous food in that place call asam pedas. Any questions what that is mean food. You can peek on my other blog. Because I do explain there in English. Claypot Asam Pedas "Andak" is located at TBG 97, Kuantan Village, 41300 Klang if you do not know the address and confused You can call this number 03-3344 4192. Happy traveling and eating because they are soul mate and can not be apart.

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Happy Story start from You

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