Time so Fast

StoryCitra-Do you realize time so fast? Sometimes I feel time so faster then what I can imagine. The July month will be over soon! Today, I feel something different when I enjoy my holiday in Bali and Lombok. Doing nothing and only enjoy life. I’ts making me realize time is so fast to end.

Do you ever imagine, you live right now and you still do not know what is your passion about life? When you are finding out about it. Every thing is late now. Because time is so fast. I know, I feel it and I do it. When heart become hurt and you feel nothing and your life so damn messy. You lost your precious time and good opportunity for NOTHING. It will make you hurt so deeply and make your SPIRIT GONE. Your mind always back to the one word. WHY! WHY! And WHY!

STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Because it will make your time gone with nothing to do. You should think something which make you have your spirit back. Its for example your future plan only for YOU and YOU, you do not need include someone or something which it will make your life so damn messy and make you back to the one word. WHY! Life is cheat us sometimes. When we give them all what we have it. Life will make your life more harder then you can believe and imagine. So, let them go and make new plan and the NEW PLAN only about YOU and YOUR FUTURE only YOU.

Remember one thing! You can not take your past time but you can change the future. So, let make time so fast to get awesome story and life in the future. Your life only you who can decided which you want make it awesome or poor.

Have a good life and sorry for long update because I am on my holiday and I will back to you fast as I hope too. I will tell you about my holiday soon. Keep in touch and do not hesitate to sent me “HELLO”

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Iyaa times flies dan bikin mellow, semoga berkah segala yang kita kerjakan aamiin, met libuuur..


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