Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink Delicious

StoryCitra-I can not forget the perfect chocolate drink in my mouth. Because I am lover of chocolate. Anything chocolate I can not rejected even my body is getting a little extra weight then before. Chocolate is something magic which I can not rejected. The first time I am trying to drink coco milk from Malaysia. I fall in love. Even this milk actually for kids. But, how I can rejected the chocolate hot milk aroma which its like call me to drinking.

Citra wants to tell you story about  how I feel the taste of chocolate milk. I can not like this is chocolate milk of Ah Huat Coco is almost perfect in my mouth. The smell hot  chocolate is so tempating to get drink faster. The powder chocolate for one sachet 31 gram so perfect for one hot chocolate drink.

The most I love it this chocolate drink because one of sachet Ah Huat coco including prebiotic, DhA and calcium. Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt is fortified with Prebiotic,which helps in having a healthy gut for effective food digestion and efficient nutrients absorption. So, this is no secret anymore prebiotic acts as food for good bacteria and encourages the probiotic in the gut to grow and thrive. The contains od DHA and Calcium that enhances kids intellectual development while promoting stronger bones. The combination of these three elements will enhance kids everyday learning and growth in the long run. Most important the taste is so good.

Sugar, non-dairycreamer (glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate (milk protein), stabilizer, emulsifier, anticaking agent, cocoa, malt extract (contain barley), skimmed milk powder, calcium, DHA, EPA and anticaking agent. 

How to Prepare or cook
First put water inside of  water heater such as 200 ml. After boiling water. Then put a sachet ah huang choco inside of a cup of glass. After that, put the hot water around 150 ml in the glass and serve it.

Simply right and kids will love it. So, Its simple way to give kids milk which they can not rejected to drink. Even chocolate milk but it contain what kids need into body to grow up. So, what do you think guys? Do you ever try to drink this chocolate milk? I do and I want it more and more. Because who can rejected the taste of hot chocolate.

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