Broken Heart you know about love then you should get feel broken heart. It’s because your relationship is not work well. Sometimes it’s easy to fall in love but difficult to move on, especially when you are fall in love so deeply with your lover. You get pain, hurt and deppression about this feeling. What you should to do?

Long time I never make quotes on this blog. I bet all of you already miss about some words I make or choose only for you my readers. If you never feel broken heart in your life, you are so lucky. Because broken heart will make your world get mess. You can not be thinking clear, You feel so weakness in your mind, body and soul. Who can blame you about this? None, because you are the one who know your feeling as well then other people, including family.

I hope this words will make your cheers up your day after broken heart for long time you keep it in your own world.

Tears in your eyes but you are trying to hide it
You won’t people know about your deep secret
Broken heart is making you down into deep hole
Smile is making you stronger then you can imagine

Let’s them go
It’s ok to keep it for awhile the pain in your life
But you should know how to let’s them go
It’s life to move on to get better life in your days
Because your life is percious then being sadness

Broken heart
No one want to get trouble in relationship life
If you are not lucky to get happy ending in love life
Get them out from your mind and soul so fast
So you just get little pain about broken heart
No need to longer to feel it in your life
Because you are the best people then your ex lover

Love vs Broken
Its life between love and broken in relationship
Sometimes it is not like what you expected in alive
It’s ok get fall and broken when you fall in love
Because you are not late to know its not the one
It’s better then you are to late to get trap in your hole life

I wish all of that words will make your day cheers up. Sometimes people can fall in love so easy but to move on need long time to get out from the illusion of love. As we know, life is never easy including relationship. It’s o.k getting sadness when you are get pain of love, because the most important how you can get your spirit back to keep move on and see the world from different way. Have a good weekend all.

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