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StoryCitra-Life is beautiful with all of different variant including food. The best time when You are going holiday besides enjoy your adventure and see beautiful views. The food is including part of an adventure while holiday. When I am going holiday in Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia. I decided to try food with Turkey style.

Today, Citra wants to tell You story about the best place to enjoy Turkey food in Mataram, Lombok island, Indonesia. The name place is Alturkia. Located in Jalan Airlangga No 25D Mataram. I know this place because when I am in taxi (blue bird taxi) the driver recommend this place for culinary in style Turkey. So here I am. I go to that place to try some food there. This is my experience when eating in Altrukia.

The restaurant of Alturkia is not big. They offer VIP room and normally place to eat in this restaurant. VIP Room in the second floors if You are prepare to VIP room, they will charge you 10 percent of the room and service of course. So, I prepare in normally place to eat. So that is in down stair. The welcome worker in the door of restaurant are nice. She give us the menu to look what they have in this restaurant (Alturkia).

Khubuz / Khubz
Khubz is mean bread. Arabian bread. This bread, khubz is traditionally baked in a tannuur, and it has six recipes for khubz made in this way  different country. In Arab countries, also in Turkey and Lebanon, khubz is produced as a round flatbread, some 25 cm (10 inch) in diameter. It is slightly leavened. Since it does not contain any added fat, it dries rapidly and is best eaten while still warm from the oven. It has a somewhat tough chewy texture.

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So, simply this bread only make with wheat flour or all purpose flour and khubz is usually baked in hot oven or a flat non-stick pan. So this restaurant know how to make Khubz. I like the texture and also the taste so thin. I eat this bread with soup. But, when you are order its only for two khubz in plate. How much the price? Its around 17.000 IDR or 1.20 USD per plate with contain 2 bread of hot Khubz.


Salata is mean fresh foods and this already healthy lifestyle for the people who know the important healthy food to eat. So, I bet You are wonder what kind of Salata stye in Alturkia Restaurant. I will tell you this salata serving fresh vegetables served with lemon juice and olives. The contain of vegetables here only slices tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce with the lemon juice and little olive oil. So, when I eat this salata I can not taste the lemon juice so I decided to ask more olive oil. So the taste of salata will get yummy. So far so good because all fresh vegetables with good slices and comfortable to eat that.

Original Canai

This is not my favorite order in the Alturkia restaurant, so far the texture is good but to much oil while cooking the canai. This menu of Canai serve with soup. But the soup to much oil and without taste with the color of yellow. So it is not my favorite at all. I hope the chef will make this original canai menu become awesome. One day if I come to this restaurant again. Because of the texture of canai I do like it. Maybe, some readers here do not know what is mean of Canai. Canai bread is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.  Price 21.000 IDR or 1.90 USD

Shish Thoua Kebuli

This menu is completed with rice, chicken, chili and also pickles Arabian style. Let’s talking about this menu of typical Arab rice special with the original spices Alturkia style. This rice of Shish Thouq Kebuli served with chicken fillet special. It also pickles Arabic style of Alturkia, chili Alturkia style and raisin sprinkles. The taste of this rice so yummy. I like the combination of cooking spices or flavors. The color of rice so tempting to eat. The chicken fillet also fresh from good chest. The chicken texture so soft not so hard. The color is not to brown. I love it so much. Its perfect eat with pickles arabic which fresh and nice. The price is around 64.000 IDR or 4.70 USD.

Dejaj Meswie

Honestly, I like this Dejaj Meswie in Alturkia Restaurant. This menu is contain of roasted chicken fillet with special Arabic spice herbs and a hummus spread with carrot stir, onion, beans and corn. Served with potato wedges, turkey and khubuz. The chicken texture so awesome soft but lovely to eat. The vegetables also fresh. This meal awesome to choose for dinner.

Avocado Juice
The juice is from the fresh fruit and I ask for less sugar. So far so good.

No worry, that is just some experience while eating in Alturkia Restaurant. This restaurant offer many menus You can choose as your lunch and dinner. So, lets making your adventure more perfect while You make culinary as your list in your style of adventure. Find more information about where to stay when holiday in Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia to get friendly price here.

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