Friendships Never End

StoryCitra-When You fall in love, You forget about your friend. Your world evolves around You and your lover. Someone who fills your world with love, than turns around and breaks your heart, filling your world with grey skies and sadness. You do not know what to do when your heart is broken.  You seem alone and hate yourself because your lover decieved you.

Its normal when you fall in love. You think your lover will fill your life full of love. Maybe its true for short time life but when you are not into relationship between your lover. But, You should remember friendship is very important too. Because when your world turns upside down. You still have friends who support you and make you better for who you are. Before today, I've never written poetry, but today, I've created a poem to describe the importance of friendship.

Friendship Never Ends
You think you have no one in life
Forgetting friends that wait for you
not realizing your friends still care
 in the darkness they'll lead you through

True friends always understand you
Because friends are like family around you
They get mad when you don't care
They know how important it is to share

Sometimes ignoring your friendships
Your eyes only turn to one
You forget  them because one is enough
Focusing on your love, to get through the rough

When you think its perfect
reality check, it becomes so real
In your heart this empty hole
Feeling the pain, inside your soul

Life so hopeless without your friends
Afraid to contact them, before amends
They were there to support you in your time of need
It's friendship that grows since you first plant the seed
Your love, you thought, forever would last
But realize now that is past
The friends you've had all this time
Return to you now, on a chime

Note: Your friends may be upset with you for a period of time, short or long, but will never want to leave you. Even though, decisions around the love of your life,  cause you to make mistakes in your friendships.  Tell them in honesty about your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  Being blinded by your focus on the one you love, forgetting all others.  After all is said and done, it's your family and friends who are number one.

A Happy Story Starts With You

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