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StoryCitra-Let’s get different style hotel during your holiday in Lombok island. This is something amazing to do holiday in different place. This time I am going holiday in Gili Trawangan in Lombok Island. This is different from Lombok island, Gili is mean island, so Gili Trawangan is mean Trawangan island. From Lombok to get Gili Trawangan, I should use boat or fast ferry. But this time I won’t tell you about this island, I just want to tell you about the place I stay during my short adventure in this island.

Today, Citra wants to tell you about Scallywangs Gili Trawangan. This is one of hotels you can find out when you want to stay in Gili Trawangan, Lombok Island, Indonesia. As an information this hotel (Scallywangs) has 6 resort rooms, 4 ocean view rooms, 22 private garden/patio rooms. 4 pool view rooms and 5 private pluges pool rooms. We booked hotel for two night such as pool view rooms.

This room in up stair, do not think this hotel has lift. You should use stair to get your room. No worry, the stair is not so long enough. My room so close in the stair. When I come to my room. This room is not big enough, this room has two beds and also balcony. I like the hotel has semi modern design combines with woods and painting. They’re decorated with colorful prints from local artists.  Even it is not so big enough but the way they lay out this room so nice and lovely.

They also put big mirror near the door and also the toilet room with middle mirror hang on the wall. The other side of toilet. Another space to shower with hot and cold water. Honestly, when I am taking shower here the hot shower is not so warm such as others hotel. Perhaps to many people use it. Because this hotel has many guesses to stay here. But, when I am trying to shower in early morning, the warm shower is good enough then the first time I take my shower here. The facility in this room, I got the all what I need such as plenty of storage space, air con, a safe, kettle, big fridge and flat screen TV with DVD player.  

I like choose this Scallwags hotel because located at the south of Gili Trawangan’s main beach. Its need around 10 minutes to walk from the pier (the boats from Bali and Lombok arrived). The most this located is not so noise like other side of Gili Trawangan. I will tell you another story about my adventure here.

Other facility you got during you stay in this Scallywangs hotel Gili Trawangan is swimming pool. This swimming pool is in door so you will get your own “privacy” as I seat in my balcony I see this swimming pool never stop use, some guess use this swimming pool to enjoy the day during the afternoon time. Because this island is very hot during noon. So get little cold and fresh using the swimming pool till get time to hunting sunset. This is fantastic to do to enjoy your time in Gili Trawangan. 

Talking about facility this hotel also has bar and restaurant which this restaurant has own fish market. So you can enjoy your dinner in this Scallywangs restaurant and bar. About breakfast, the price include with breakfast which this breakfast is buffee style. So you can get whatever you want by yourself. So far, the food is not so bad. I can’t wait to tell you during my breakfast time on this hotel, any funny story of course. But I won’t make you bored to read long article today. So just check this blog right! To find new story and fun time with me. Based on the website of this Scallywangs Gili Trawangan hotel price start from 92 USD. But, I find something nice website which offer friendly website on here find information Gili Trawangan Hotel Price.

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