India Menu in Bali The Queen's Restaurant just know masala tea as India culinary. I also know about this kind of tea while I was holiday in Malaysia. The taste of this tea so unique and different if I compare with other style of tea. Talking about India culinary, I am still remember as well, when I am eating in one of old restaurant in Bali which this restaurant serve for India food.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about eating India culinary in Queens Restaurant in Bali. I bet you will love to try this restaurant which located in Kuta area. Because the food is fresh. Its mean cook by order and all the texture is delicios with nice style design of restaurant in Bali. Little bit information about The Queen’s Bali restaurant story began at the end of 2004 when the first branch opened in Bali, but the story actually goes back a lot further than that to Jakarta in 1986 when Mr Ramesh and Mrs Sarita created Queen’s of India, Jakarta. Mr Ramesh had come to Jakarta from the Province of Sindh in the late 1940s during the partition of India.

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So this restaurant so exist since long time ago with the menu always up to date with good herb from India. So that the taste of this food really delicious and healthy to try. The first time when I am trying to eat this restaurant around 08.00 pm Bali times. This restaurant is full and I should wait around two hours to get in this restaurant. I guess its so long time to wait the table available. So I said to my friends to try this restaurant for the next time. Now, here I am. I wanna try some food on this restaurant.
Before getting the table available, I should wait for a while on the bar. Until one of customer finish to enjoy the meal. So, I am waiting it with patient. Its around 15 minutes to wait before the waiters call us to moving on available table. I am opening the book menu and see some of tempating menu to try.

We order some menu such as

Chicken Tandoori

When I look the chicken on the table after waiter put on table, the smell is making my belly so hungry. I looked it with the temptation to eat them all. The shape is looking so shine event get some black because this chicken in grilled. This chicken actually marinated over night in yogurt and some spices before grilled. This chicken cooked with grilled and they give name on the menu of Chicken Tandoori because this steeped in a marindade of aromatic spices, grilled on glowing embers imparting smoky flavor. Even this chicken in grilled but the texture was soft and good in mouth. This menu  (chicken tandoori) serves with vegetables include fresh lemon. So, do you want to try too this food. Absolutely you will not feel disappointed because the cooking spices chicken is good in the meat of chicken. Perfecto friends.
Garlic/Butter Tandoori Bread
As a name, I bet you already know this is such as bread. That is true. Because Tandoori bread has many variants in this restaurant (Queen’s in Kuta Bali) so I am trying the butter and garlic. Honestly, this simply like prata but the different is this bread made by grilled in tandoor style. The unique the shape is not around or circle in the Queen's restaurant but triangle or pizza slide and contain around 3 slides. How about texture of this bread? The texture soft and a little oil because we order tandoori  with butter and garlic. So mostly butter make the tandoori bread look like oil. Even look shine but the texture and taste when you eat in your mouth will find the yummy without to much oil inside mouth. 


Another bread India again. This call Bhatura. The bread shape is around with the style of fried. Even in fried with oil but this Bhatura bread is not to much oil in bread. When I touch it, my hand is not to much oil. So, I like it. I have bad experience with fried food which to much oil. I can not eat fried food if to much oil inside food. So, this bhatura I can say almost perfect the shape, taste and love it so much.

 Chane Bread

Normally, you already know chane bread. Its not only in India but also many asia country has chane bread including Indonesia, specially Malay and Aceh. Chane bread in India style serve wirh curry.  Talking about curry in Queen’s Restaurant Kuta Bali so the texture of this curry so delicious. I guess this curry is chicken curry with cooking spices (flavor) so perfect and it is not to thick to India curry. So, what can I say I love it and I eat all them in my belly. Wow, really I am getting fatty during my holiday.

Matka Biryani

Biryani rice! Most people from Arab, India, and some country would love biryani rice. So, here I am trying biryani rice in Queen’s Restaurant Kuta Bali. What do you think when I am trying this biryani rice which cooked as the stye of Matka Biryani? I can say that is so yummy and unique cooking spice including some vegetables and make this biryani rice perfect to eat with chicken tandoori. So, let’s order this to get full belly guys.

Gulab Jamun
This is dessert and the taste is sweet but its not to sweeter like other menu in different restaurant. I like it with the good syrup while Gulab Jamun serves. As I know, India country always love to eat sweet food as sweetness food. So, I can say this dessert should be try and find sensation sweet in mouth without feel so sweet like India dessert menu.

That is much food to try in Queen’s restaurant right! But in this Queen’s Restaurant Kuta Bali still has a lot of food menu you can try to eat. Its just based on my experience while eating in Queen’s Restaurant when I am holiday in Bali. What do you think? Of course I would love to visit this restaurant again while I am back to Bali  one day. Because delicious food always stay in my memory because my belly love it. This Queen's Restaurant located in Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban Kuta-Bali, Indonesia.

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