8 Unique To Do During Adventure in Balikpapan City

The vacation was the most fun thing, not only by children, but also adults. Enjoy holidays is mean enjoy life and escape from the routine for a moment. Do you know Balikpapan? No? I will tell you today where is Balikpapan hihi. Balikpapan is part of East Kalimantan (Borneo) Indonesia. This island famous with the big company oil. But this city also has some tourist spots which you and I can enjoy it during our spare time or long vacation in this city.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the unique travel adventure in Balikpapan. Perhaps this parts you can put on your list during you visit this city and no worry I bet you will love it to visit this city.

8. Parks Bekapai
Bekapai park is a recreation or spend leisure time residents of the city of Aberdeen. At this location there is a steel sculpture depicts the process of oil exploration in the earth. When dusk comes, definitely unique sculpture that will be filled with the spotlight. As a sign of the night has replaced noon.

Bekapai park is located on Jl Sudirman, exactly in front of the PLN (Enegery Company). To Enjoy Bekapai park is very easy. We can use public transport with number 6 from the Damai Terminal and ask the driver drop off at Taman Bekapai.

7. Oil Refinery Balikpapan
source: balikpapan.prokal.co

As long as the oil is in the city, such as in the city of Aberdeen, it would not hurt if you just want to see refinery runs along the street at Jl. Minyak, overlooking the Bay of Balikpapan. Refinery or oil tank overlaid on an area of ​​2.5 square kilometers. This area is certainly not to the public. Since it is very risky and dangerous, but just watching from a distance of course very pleasant. Although surrounded by a wire fence but we could still see a giant tank along the way oil.

The oil refinery is processing the finished oil and crude oil mainly for the eastern part of Indonesia. Refineries was originally built in 1922 which later was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1950. There is no need for a private car through the streets of this oil giant tank while seeing the sights of this, because public transportation is also through this pathway. Especially public transportation terminal number 6 on the direction of Terminal.

6. Japanese Army Monument
The monument was built not too big is located on the beach which is also green with trees. Japanese Army monument erected in memory of the Japanese soldiers who died in Balikpapan area during the Second World War. We can see some Japanese soldiers tomb right next to the monument. The location of this monument is located in the District Lamaru, about 26 kilometers east of the center of town (east of Balikpapan). For an entrance fee to the monument is FREE, but they expect a voluntary donation. To see this monument can use public transportation, number 7 (direction Terminal Damai) and ask the driver lowered in front of a path leading Tomb Sites Japan. After passing manggar Beach, we will see small signs "The Tomb of Japan" on the right side of the highway we had to walk again far more than 200 meters to reach this location or by motorcycle.

 Note: the entrance is often locked, visitors should contact Mr. Ibrahim (caretaker) before visiting this place. No cell phone 0852 47583829

5. People's Struggle Monument (Monpera)
source: gosidscover.co.id
Monuments which occupies an area of ​​9,000 square meters is located on the shores Monpera the shades of green. This monument is located at Jl. Sudirman (in front of the headquarters Makodam VI Tanjung Pura). To Enjoying this monument can use public transport with pick number 6 and ask the driver scaled in monpera.

4. Monument Australia
Australia monument was built to commemorate the Australian soldiers who died in the East Kalimantan region during the Second World War. The location is close to the beach Kemala at Jalan Sudirman. How to get this monument can use public transportation number 6 from the Terminal Damai and dropped off right in front of this monument (located in the middle of the main street in the complex Pertamina).

3. Kampung Baru Floating Village
Unlike other floating village, where people live on a boat (like the one in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap), inhabitants of the "Kampung Baru" live in houses made of wood and built on water, offshore.  This location is near the minibus terminal Kampung Baru Tengah. To come there can use their own vehicles or public transport. Choose 5 numbers (from the terminal to the terminal Kampung Baru Damai Central), followed by walking toward the port of Kampung Baru. Here, we'll see wooden houses built over the water.

2. Caribbean Island Water Park
source: wisataindah88.blogspot.com
Caribbean Island Water Park is a family recreation area commonly visited by Balikpapan. This place offers some adventure rides, such as "Spilled Bucket" (glide from a height of 13 meters) and other rides. The location of this recreation area is located at Jl. Cabbage. Syarifuddin Yoes (Ring Road II). Unfortunately there is still no public transport through this recreation area.

1. Art & Culture Center Palm Hills
Palm Hills is a restaurant that has a wonderful view. In addition to a restaurant, this place also has a gallery and art centers are located in the same area. Traditional performances are held on special occasions. To know the schedule of performances, we can contact Bp. Soepardi on 0542 770620 or 0858 78923388. This place is open every day from 10: 00-22: 00. The way to this location with public transport from Damai Terminal ride public transportation terminal number 7 and get off near signs "Gallery Art & Cultural Center". Then, further on foot about 10 minutes from the main road to this place or with the motorcycle. This gallery usually open crowded on weekends, Palm Hills also sells paintings with prices ranging from 500,000 IDR to 25,000,000 IDR.

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