Beautiful Sunset in La Joya Biu Biu

StoryCitra-This is beautiful moment when I get lost during my holiday in Bali, Indonesia. I never know this place before. I get information during my research about nice place to get massage and Spa. Then, I get this information. Located so far from the central city in Bali but worth it to get know and lost in this place.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about beautiful sunset in La Joya Biu Biu in Bali. Are you ready? When I go to Bali, mostly I go to some places which already famous about destination and also attraction of tourism. I do a few time holiday in Bali, since my first step around 2013 years ago. In my forth times visit Bali, I want to try the new things. It’s like getting lost in some new place I never know.

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During my research about massage, yoga and also Spa in Bali. As I know so well Bali is famous with many places to get enjoy and relaxing such as luxury holiday. Then, I find some beautiful place to enjoy that moment. Then, my holiday in Bali around 8 days, I spend two times to discovery new places to get into spa which compare with beautiful place. I go to two different places, but this time I just tell you about La Joya Biu Biu II in Bali.

I stay in Kuta area and to get this place need around 30 minutes by blue bird taxi. The reason I used the blue bird because they used argo and mostly the driver so nice and friendly plus most important never try to “stolen” money with play with argometer (fare-meter). I spend more then 100.000 IDR for one trip. The reason, I do not know this place so far away from city. Little wonder about the “argo” because I do not know it will spend a lot of money but when I come to the inside La Joya Biu Biu II. I feel so fantastic. It’s look like the travel magazine about the luxury hotel and holiday. I am never lie about my first time impression when I see this place.

The place from the park area look so untidy place, small and so quiet. Then, I step my feet, I get wrong door because that door is not lobby area but the bungalow areas in La Joya Biu Biu with the design so unique such as bungalow with the straw roof but lovely. Sorry, I can not tell you more then this. Because I never see the inside of bungalows.  Then, our steps stop around the pool, lounge and restaurant. That is around 4.30 pm I step my feet there. Around the pool is not many people or guests. So, I am looking information about massage and spa. Poor me, because I should back to the receptionist to get book the massage and spa. I am to lazy to get back to the lobby. They can not call the receptionist to book our massage. Because they said the rule, guest should come to the lobby to get book for massage.

So, I decided to look around this area and take some pictures for the selfie, of course and also some views. I fall in love with the nature this place offer to relaxing. So fantastic! I do really wanna stay one day in this place when I visit back Bali. If I won lottery hihihi. Because this place so quiet. The reason why I am coming to this place because they offer nice massage view. During the massage we can see the ocean which they offer beautiful beach. The beach called Balangan beach. I never hear this before! Such as I know only lovina beach, kuta beach, jimbaran beach, seminyak beach and actually right now, Bali has a lot of new destination to discovery new places. Like I do!

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Honestly, I can stop to take some pictures on this places. I spend around 45 minutes to enjoy the moment in this place, catch the sunset and also relaxing during enjoy the juice which the price still reasonable. Every time I discovery this place, I never stop to take pictures from many angles. Because I feel this is like “paradise” so awesome. Mostly my favorite is the cute totem pole. It’s look fantastic with the high totem, so when take pictures it’s like surounder beach and pools. So awesome!

 Then the pool! During your swimming time, You can see the sea and that is so nice. The ocean look so fantastic with the big stone around them and the blue water of the sea. Its so beautiful. I do not have good words to explain how much I love to see this view. Only my eyes and my smartphone camera never stop to take some pictures. Because the pool is looking so refreshing in the sorting heat, and there are also has a cabana to relax in. I also find some small staircase even the staircase look so old and I should beware to step my feet. That is nice spot to take picture hihihi. Lovely!

 O.K I will stop teasing you with some words about this beautiful place, you must keep on your list to stay one day or more in this place. Because, this is so lovely paradise in earth with the combain of modern and unique design of bungalows. Located La Joya Biu Biu at Jalan Pantai Balangan, Biu-Biu, Jimbaran 80364, Indonesia.

Let’s get best experience in La Joya Biu Biu during your holiday in Bali. Let’s book your hotel right now! Then, tell me what do you feel when you enjoy your time in this place. It’s more better words then I explain? Booked here with friendly price on

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