Holiday in Bintan Find The Sensation of Seafood

The beauty of nature in one of the locations in Lagoon, Bintan, Model: Ms. Ica in love in the land and enjoy all the beauty and nature that exist in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is rich not only in natural resources. But also the cultural and culinary course. Because many differences to create a special attraction for tourists. Every region in Indonesia has many potential become tourist attraction, but not all areas tourist has the opportunity to  known on  public.

It is our job,  especially for those who love traveling in Indonesia. I can introduce Indonesia's wealth in the wider community. It's easy to write travel stories. No need to be a professional such as a journalist or blogger expert to be able to write on the blog. Although you are not a blogger, We can write on the blog instead? Tell the experience while enjoying the beauty, uniqueness, the areas we visited. There is one area, the island is not as popular as Bali or Bandung in the tourist island of Bintan. Whereas in this island there are hotels in which the four-star Bintan, Bintan Lagoon Resort, located in North Lagoi Bintan, Riau Islands, close to China Beach.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about holiday in Bintan island to get sensation of seafood here. Can you imagine stay at the resort with many amenities. Moreover, the distance is very close beaches. The scenery is very beautiful beaches and do not need to be in doubt. In fact, the beach in Bintan not lose its beauty to the beaches of Bali. You could say the sand is cleaner, quieter atmosphere. So you can sunbathe while enjoying the panoramic and aerial beach.

Not complete vacation without tasters, tasters. Yups, traveling is not complete without the typical enjoy culinary  when we are  visited some areas. Curious whether with culinary what can be found in Bintan Island? Is this cuisine so unique and rarely found in other areas? Of course, the culinary diversity of each region into  appeal. Approximately, do you wonder what kind of culinary trademark  in this island?  Let's check this out, when you began to travel to find culinary in Bintan. Do not forget, set up a camera and document, right to memories wonderful moment ....

=> Lakse

Typical Lakse Bintan, one of the culinary shall try, 

Are you wondering, the name of this cuisine can also be found on the island of Java, precisely in the city of Bogor.   Lakse Bintan almost the same as the Laksa Bogor! Only Lakse here given a savory shredded sea fish really. So there are differences in flavors, similar but not identical. Do not believe? Try just compare the difference Laksa Bogor and Lakse Bintan.

Want to know where to hunt this tasty lakse? The location is famous for enjoy this  Lakse Bintan is located on Jalan Basuki Rahmat. Here Lakse already famous among tourists. Let's see other culinary,  do not be surprised if all the culinary Bintan average have distinctive flavors of the seafood. Therefore, Bintan is famous for its fisheries. So do not be surprised if a lot of seafood processed. Bintan thus becoming a culinary paradise for fans of seafood. Not only local tourists who hunt culinary in Bintan, but neighboring Singapore also.

=> Nasi Dagang

Do you wondered why this name weird! Nasi Dagang? Although the name is unique but do any of you know, this cuisine is also on the list of travelers that are sought. Curious, want to try? Let’s immediately come to Bintan and taste of rice this trade. Let me not make you wonder, this typical nasi dagang (rice) bintan semilar with Nasi uduk. But, the difference, this  rice smothered in curry sauce swordfish, so it was still there the typical seafood. The location is the most delicious to taste Nasi Dagang is located in Jalan Basuki Rahmat.

=> Asam Pedas Malay
Not complete it, if  visit to the Riau Islands without trying the culinary Asam Pedas Malay. Because this is a culinary  heritage of typical Malay. Already confirmed its main ingredient processed fish like goulash. The fish used for this one no other menu catfish or swordfish. It feels alloy savory, sour and spicy which seeped through the flesh of the fish. Emm very delicious eaten with warm rice. Suitable for lunch by the beach.

=> The Otak-Otak Bones

bintan culinary brains are worth a try, you know,

 Something like what you imagination when hearing the name of culinary otak-otak bone? You  curious want to know?  If otak-otak  we eat usually  the basic ingredients of fish. Because fish can be found anywhere, but if bones, you just can get it on Bintan. This  distinctive taste really good. Therefore, the secret is Bintan otak-otak bones treated with a mixture of fish bones. How does it feel? It can be ascertained so savory, really flavors the fish. To try these otak-otak bones  immediately to the  Sei enam Region because this location is a great place to hunt otak-otak Bones most delicious in Bintan.

=> Gonggong

Howl, do not tell already to bintan before tasting this one,

Really unique, Gonggong. It turns out this unique culinary kind of sea snail. If you look at his form you surely must have thought with ornaments made of the cochlea. Local people on this Kepri call Gonggong. A matter of taste? He said so delicious rating shall try. While the matter of efficacy? Ehmmm,  this cuisine so special. Because the high zinc content in Gonggong add vitality to men.

=> Coffee Hawaii

Hawaii specialty coffee Bintan, jet black sweet taste, 

Already satisfied yet, try a variety of unique culinary Bintan. But, less than perfect if not hunting his drink. If you coffe lovers, must try Hawaiian coffees in Bintan. This  black coffee has a distinctive flavor image that is hard to describe, except  you try directly. Many officials there who are connoisseurs of the legendary Hawaiian coffees. To go to CafĂ© Hawaii could slide into Jalan Pasar Bedikari. Enjoy a cup of coffee is Hawaii. You also can enjoy at Semut Item warkop.

Well, are you satisfied hunting typical culinary Bintan? If not satisfied, You can hunt more. Discover Roti Jala famous of Arab, turned out to Bintan has a famous Roti Jala delicious. There is another Lendot or Sempolet,  Tarempa Noodles, Cooking Cuttlefish Black.  

Happy Story start from You

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