Beautiful Eco Farm in Safari Lagoi Part 1 do not need to be rich to travel but you can enjoy the moment while discovery the place you stay. Some people said being traveler need spend a lot of money to enjoy time to holiday. Actually, that is not 100 percent true. You can explore your city to find something new and you never realize that is exist in your city.

Today Citra wants to tell you story about Beautiful Eco Farm in Safari Lagoi. Once upon a time in the sunny day, I decided to discovery some parts in the Bintan island, Indonesia. Then, I find new place to discovery and this is so awesome if you like the nature and learn about the farm. This is 100 percent so recomendation for family trip and also for younger like us to learn about something which that always we eat everyday and so healthy. That is right! Vegetables. Let’s me take you in the moment I do discovery this place.

This place is 100 ha and still process to make it finish till know this already 50 ha exist to discovery. This place is not only farm but also safari Lagoi. That’s the name of this place is Safari Lagoi, Eco Farm. So, you should not be surprise when visiting this place when your eyes will see most green because of plants surrounder us. When I visit that place I see the corn almost getting harvest. Then in the ticketing places, I find some wild animal such as wild snake. The snake so big and so danger because it just catch for a few days ago. No worry about the snake, it will not make you scare because the snake in the stall. So, snake will not disturb you if you are not disturb him.

Honestly, I love to discovery this place and see many things but in that time, I can’t explore to much in this area because so big enough but I wanna back to that place one day. The reason is that is so fantastic with many animals and also the farm become one with the good concept. I will tell you more about this place tomorrow o.k. so today just the begin about this place. Because, I know already a week I seldom write on my blogs, because I do many to do and also I enjoy spend time discovery and learn new things in my new course and also group which I do learn such as nomad woman hahaha. So, stay tune to get the detail about Eco Farm in Safari Lagoi. Don’t miss it because I also will give you sweet video about the snake which make me scary in the first time. I bet, you will be wonder, am I right? Hehehe... have a good day.

Happy Story start from You

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