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After enjoying ocean view, why don’t you try to enjoy different places. I bet you will love it too. When your eye  replaced  with green color. Now, we change from  marine tourism travel to natural green color of the foliage of trees which makes your feeling more perfect when holiday in Balikpapan. Adventure city of love who are still holiday in Balikpapan.  

Forest Tourism 

1. Bukit Bangkirai
East Kalimantan, Balikpapan is famous with the forest. So no wonder, if we can enjoy the beautiful view of the tropical forests. One was the Bukit Bangkirai. Distance for enjoy this tropical forest in Bukit Bangkirai  takes 1.5 hours from downtown Balikpapan.

Obviously, this long trip is very worth it to visit. Because this place offers the charm of nature and also travel the bridge hanging five Bangkirai trees. Where, this suspension bridge built by Canopy construction Association of the United States in 1998, where the bridge is located at an altitude of 30 meters and has a length of 64 meters.

To achieve this suspension bridge visitors must pass through 14 stairs turning around Bangkirai trees, where we can see the beauty of the green panorama of the bridge. The tourist area is also equipped with a 4-hectare orchard. Bukit Bangkirai has 45 species of orchids, one black orchid mascot East Kalimantan. In addition bangkirai tree is a plant that dominate this forest area with an average age of over 150 years, 40-50 meters and a diameter of 2.3 meters. That is why this area is called Bukit Bangkirai. There are also a variety of creatures that inhabit these forests are: 113 species of birds, long-tailed monkeys, wild boar, gibbons-gibbons, macaques, red monkey, flying squirrels and sambar.

There are also trekking paths in the area of ​​this nature which includes 7 tracks with a length of about 150 meters to 6 km. We can also camping here since provided a flat grassy field with an area of ​​20 x 50 meters and has been fenced wood for the camp area.

How to get There: Unfortunately, there is no public transport access through this site. Since it is suggested by renting a car for enjoy sights in Bukit Bangkirai. The price of admission to this Bangkirai Hill around Rp5.000, - for adults and Rp2,000, - for children. If you want to enjoy around  the bridge at Bukit you need  by adding the cost of Rp25.000, - for domestic travelers. (note: the price can be changed and we do not update the new price)

2. Mangrove Margo Mulyo (Forest City)

Mangrove location Mulyo Margo is located at Jalan Gunung Four AMD, RT 42 Village Margo Margomulyo. More precisely being behind SMU 8 Balikpapan. This name mangroves have certainly seen a plant that is the mangrove. Where this mangrove area of ​​1,500 hectares. In addition there are mangrove forests inhabited by animals also endangered the proboscis monkey (long nose monkey).

The proboscis monkey is only visible when dusk came. The mangrove forest managers also provide walking paths along 800 meters of wood for us who want to see the natural life of the mangrove forest on foot. In addition to the typical coolness of mangroves, forests also presents a beautiful view.

In addition, if lucky see the rare monkeys, we can also meet with egrets. Location mangrove tour was very cool and there is even a gazebo to rest for a while to enjoy the scenery.

How to get There: Unfortunately, there is no public transport access through this site. Since it is suggested by renting a car for enjoying sights in Mangrove Forest. The price of admission is FREE so far, but some people give money to the mangrove forest guards modest.

3. Forest Travel wana
Forests Ecotourism is a large garden with many kinds of plant species typical of Borneo, where some endangered plant species tearsebut. Of course, his name is certain forests and lush green landscape department. The scenery in the forest this tour is very shady and cool. So this location is used as tourist attractions family on weekends.

As for the nature lovers, Wana wisata usually used for tracking or jogging. And of course we could walk around, looking at different species of trees in the forest Wana wisata. This location is open daily from 8:00 am until 17:00 pm.

Wanawisata Forest is located in Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Km 10, Karang Joang, about 15 minutes drive from downtown Balikpapan. Wanawisata forest is about 300 or 400 meters from Jalan Soekarno Hatta km perpohonan 10. In addition, there are also deer, monkeys.

How to get There: By car or public transport. From Bus Terminal Batu Ampar, select 8 numbers from public transportation to get to this area. Do not forget, ask the driver to drop off at the location of the park is yes. The distance from the terminal to this park about 20 minutes. The entrance fee is only Rp 1,000, - per person.

4. Sungai Wain Protection Forest
It is clear from the name alone forests and rivers. Wain river's protected forest of 10,000 hectares. Forests are also inhabited by protected animals such as orangutans, sun bear and the proboscis monkey. However, not all could see the animals when they travel to the river protected forests wain.

His name is definitely a lot of forest plants and trees. Even so, there are also protected plants, such as Semar Bags and Ginger Balikpapan. When they travel to these protected forests, we can enjoy the beauty of the natural forest by walking through a canopy or by walk along Wain River by boat.

While Wain River along 18,300 kilometers, the river water was very clear with his left right exotic mangrove trees. In Sungai Wain Protection Forest, we can find the charm of fauna such as various kinds of fish, crabs, some birds, and monkeys and orang utan.

In Sungai (river) Wain Protection Forest we can also do a short trekking by crossing the path along 400 meters above the plank, namely on the bridge over Sungai Wain. Want more challenging while enjoying trekking along the 3 kilometer long while looking at the rare plants, such as bags Semar. If you want even more challenging, mate traveler can do trekking along 8 kilometers to arrive in the mail base camp Jamaluddin.

How to get There: By car or public transport, public transportation select number 8 light brown / beige (fare: Rp. 10,000 to about an hour's drive). Do not forget, tell the driver to lose at this point. Namely operating hours Monday - Friday, hours 8:00 to 17:00. For hours of operation are based on the demand of visitors needed a written request in advance. Meanwhile, entry fee depending on the selected package there are 4 packages for a one day visit. Package A (1-6 guests) for Rp350,000, -; Package B (7-9 guests) Rp500,000, C (7-12 guests) worth Rp590.000, and D (> 12 guests) for Rp540.000.

Alert: Better to use a rental car. Because hard time waiting for public transportation to get downtown.

5. Tourism Regions Environment Education (KWPLH)
Tourism Regions Environmental Education (KWPLH) is located at Km 23, the Balikpapan-Samarinda highway. This area is a conservation area Honey Bear. Animals classified as one of the protected animals in the world.

Tourism Regions Environmental Education (KWPLH), which occupies an area of ​​1.3 ha. It is designed in such a way so as to approach the actual habitat conditions. Where here have 5 (five) tail bears, all of which is a bear who had been arrested and commercialized by parties who are not responsible.

This tourist attraction is equipped with a "mini-bear information center" (the bear information center) is specially designed to help children understand the existence of other types of bears in the world. To see bears directly, we should've been in the tower reconnaissance few minutes before 09:00 or 15:00 (pm). Because the clock that much is the clock feeding the bears.

How to get There: By car or public transport, public transportation terminals select Batu Ampar. Naik number 8 and ask the driver to drop at this location (about one hour and is generally subject to a surcharge of about Rp. 20,000). To go back, you have to walk to the main road (about one kilometer). From there, we can wait for the minibus towards the town (which takes some time). Entrance to this site is FREE.

Alert: better to use a private car or a rental. Due to difficult public transportation that will be encountered along this road. In addition, more secure. Due to the location of travel is the distance between Balikpapan - Samarinda.

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Thank you for visiting again, after reading an article about #wisatapantai in the city of Balikpapan. For the next stage,  The color green is the color of freshness eyes, not merely because the proverb says green is a mercenary, where green means always oriented with money. Green is the color of nature, where the green color will make a tired mind will vanish forever, while viewing the shade of the trees and the cool air of the free nature of urban life and the hustle-piruk world.

#Quotes : Natural Life begins where we can know that the forest was important to be maintained and preserved. Nikmatin shades of the trees in the protected forest and get to know nature closer . @citrapandiangan

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