Feel Nice Massage in Rumah Pohon Lombok

StoryCitra.com-The sensation of massage always so wonderful during holiday. When I feel so tired after back from gili Trawangan for short holiday in that island. Wow, that is so fantastic island to get discovery and enjoy the time. Tired because the hot weather hit my head. That is so nice when I can enjoy myself on one nice place to get relaxing body. Emm, do you know what I mean when women need to be “a queen” in a day?

The answer is massage. Wow, massage is nice activity to get relaxing and enjoy our body. Benefit of massage also good for health. When during my holiday sometimes I feel so tired and get sore body because to much carry things in my back or to much discovery island. Doing massage will make my circulation get improves and better. It’s just like simple way to get fresh with massage.

Talking about massage, I have good place to do when you are holiday in Lombok. Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Rumah Pohon Spa in Lombok. I have a friend in Lombok. I am asking her about good recommendation of massage place in Mataram, Lombok island, Indonesia with nice place, clean and friendly price. Then, my friend tell me about Rumah Pohon Spa. So, here I am try to find that located from the hotel I belog to stay two days in Mataram city.

So from my hotel to that place only 15 minutes and my friend wanna back to senggigi area only to get massage in that place which I told to my friend the woman who massage my body so wonderful hands and make me feel so sleepy and perfect. My friend want to try that hands but come on we are in the central of Lombok and go to Senggigi need 45 minutes or an hour more depend on traffic only to try the massage there lol.

So, here I am. I stand in the Rumah Pohon spa with the price so friendly and the located also so nice. I feel so good and so private because they are put room so separated and I love the design inside room, simple and awesome with the bath tub to clean your body after finishing massage. Let’s try it when you are holiday there.

The reason I like to get service here because the people so friendly and also before she is doing massage full body, she will clean our feet with warm water and make us feel so relaxing. Then the step by step massage make my stiff and sore body is getting relaxing and fun.

Address: Jalan Sriwijaya No.95, Pagesangan Tim., Kec. Mataram, Kota Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83127, Indonesia

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