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Where to Eat in Balikpapan

Storycitra.com- Do you ever visit Balikpapan? Do you have plan to visit Balikpapan, East Balikpapan, part of Indonesian islands. You will enjoy to visit this one of big islands in Indonesia. While visit Balikpapan, don’t forget to enjoy the culinary there. Do you want to recommended where the place you can eat when you visit there.

Today, Citra wants to tell story about several places which recommendations for lover foodies during holiday in  Balikpapan city:

#Crab Dandito
Donito Crap, You will love when you taste it
Dandito crab is one of the most visited to eat from outside the city of Balikpapan. Because of the way to cook the crab in this eating place has a different characteristic and teasing of course. Surely the food served here is all- crab for special menu with a variety of sauces specials Dandito and crab taste black pepper sauce is famous, such as soft-shelled crabs, soup crab, soup asparagus, crab oyster sauce, fried butter, boiled cook team, already gala / Mahakam, squid and fish fried/grilled.

Not only crab, but there is also a selection of vegetables served the cah kale, collards cah, cah sprouts, bean sprouts cah cap cay and salted fish. This location is located at Jl . Marsma Iswahyudi No. 71 Mount Bakaran Balikpapan. Even Dandito crab restaurant is also not far from the airport Sepingan Balikpapan and also not far from the restaurant crab Kenari.

#Resto Kenari

Kenari Crap different way to eat crap
Still want to enjoy seafood, this is one of recommended seafood dishes. The Kennari Resto, this is also serves seafood dishes. Where resto menu mainstay in Kenari Restaurant are black pepper crab. How is the taste of black pepper crab is this? It was sweet with a blend of sauce and black pepper.

#Depot Simpang Empat

As the name implies, it is definitely depot is located at the intersection of four ends of the intersection region Presidential Market Kebun Sayur Balikpapan. The advantage, it is definitely depot is very easy to find and is always crowded with foodies. Points may be unusual, but the food is outstanding.

Simpang Empat Depot serves furnished Chinese in the city of Balikpapan. The main menu is also a menu favorite of visitors is mantau bread served with black pepper venison or deer dried chilies. Another menu is equally as tasty as salted fish fried rice, steamboat, shrimp flour mayonnaise, to fried pigeon.

No need to go far, if you want to enjoy culinary in this depot. Because there are branches located in Mall Balikpapan Baru, named Suki Balikpapan.

# Coto Banjar Kuin Abdhu
Stall layout is quite strategic, on Jl. A. Yani, Gunung sari, gamma alley corner. which makes it special is its coto  kuin. Soto Kuin always wear cassava fritters and chicken satay accompanied while eating it. And the price is also affordable, coto Banjar Kuin Badhu  is open from 14.30 and closed around 23.30.

#Waroeng Goesthie Balikpapan
Waroeng Goesthie serves a menu that is different and unique are SOP Cassava "rustic" + Ceker, there is also an ice cream fried with 4 flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Durian. That is not only that, in this Goesthie waroeng also provided Pancake & Waffle in Balikpapan.

Waroeng Goesthie provide FREE WIFI, food prices are also affordable. The concept offered of course,  thus creating an atmosphere of intimacy. This location is in Strat 3. You will love to enjoy here as local tourist

#D'Jimbaran Resto

The restaurant is located not far from the  Kemala beach, a favorite tourist spot for visitors from out of town at Jl. Jend. Sudirman. In this restaurant, we can enjoy a unique culinary meal archipelago and Europe to suit our tastes.

# Culinary Melawai Beach
Its location is not far from the  Kemala beach which can be an alternative. If you are looking for Indonesian-style food at bargain prices such as meatballs, pecel catfish, ice coconut and others. This is a suitable place to enjoy simple culinary. While visiting this place, preferably during the afternoon because many food vendors are starting to offer the cuisine while enjoying the sunset.

#Sate Crocodile

Near Lamaru Beach and can only find the location of breeding crocodiles barnacles which became one of the sights in Balikpapan. The food that can be enjoyed here is a crocodile satay which is open on weekends or national holidays as List Culinary Balikpapan City.

Okey, enough so some recommendations that you can try when visit Balikpapan city.  Hopefully this information useful and may be added in the Comments column, culinary recommendation that location during a visit to the city of Balikpapan.

Happy Story start from You

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