Get Lost in Mukut Village, Tioman Island

StoryCitra-Finding happiness in small things. For instance, nature can help you find the happiness that is much needed in your life.  Happiness that can make you feel young and pretty, more than what you expected in your whole life. So, let’s set off on an adventure to find the meaning of happiness when you need something new and different in life.

Today, I want to tell you story about getting lost in Mukut Village in Tioman Island. The best part is getting tanned skin, because the hot weather is wonderful if you love to tan. Why I said it like that is because in the 10 days, in Mukut Village, I tanned my skin so brown, and little burnt (hahaha). I can’t believe it and do i feel disaapointed that i sun burnt (with little pain) ? Not at all if I compare it to the amazing experience of nature in Mukut Village.

Mukut Village is not as large in part as compared to the other villages in Malaysia, maybe because there are not as many people but don't worry about getting lost as the people are very friendly and helpful in this area and to lose yourself in this paradise on earth with so many activities which makes your body sweat and wet will help you forget your stresses in life.

Beach is not beaches people

Do you enjoy the sounds of the waves along a sandy shoreline while you are at the beach, or being surrounded by white sand while you lay tanning under the sun.  Then The Mukut Village is not for you, because the beach of Mukut Village is a bed of rocks.  This is for you if you love to get wet below the sea, filled with many variants of coral and makes for a wonderful scuba adventure.  I suggest Mukut Village which offers the beautiful corals under sea water to make you feel so fantastic.

My story:
I love to get lost on a virgin beach with no crowds and noises aside from the wind and waves.. I feel this to be the best part of the holiday and I can find it in The Mukut Village, Tioman Island, Malaysia. The view of the crystal water of the sea has me quickly hypnotized. I fell in love since the first time I visited Mukut Village. I see the coral in the jetty of Mukut Village. The coral that seduced my eyes with the beautiful corals inside the water. I can’t stop my eyes from looking at the corals' beauty. Why the jetty has beautiful coral in this crystal sea water? I can not find the answer hahaha.

The more I discover Mukut Village  beach, I found the best view of the beach to be in a certain location.  If the sky is getting blue with the cloud as decoration of sky that is so perfect. You are the “King or Queen” of your imagination. Find out for yourself and take that step forward to this adventure as I know that some people never believe people so easily.  So do not believe it, just find it. The best part of your holiday is to get lost in paradise on earth. If you love the adventures and magnificent life under the sea, I believe you will love it!

Hiking in The Horn

Do you like an adventure? Do you love hiking? So, come to the Mukut Village to try your power and endurance and put your energy to use as you scale the horn of this hill. You may wonder about hiking in the Horn! I will tell you in the second season because time is up.... Oops No, I am kidding,  I have to go for now but will return soon.


  1. Horn Hillnya eksotis ya Kak Citra. Never been to Mukut Island. Perhaps someday I will go there, too.


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