Madam of Malay | Dabo Singkep Nature When You are traveling time is not your best friend ever because time so fast. It happened. I just feel sleep less an hour when I wake up and I just realize it is already 5.30 am. I rush to go to bath room and taking a time to take shower. Suddenly, ouch gross, I feel so cool!  Oops the hot water is not working perfectly so I should be showering under cold water. I go faster in lobby because only lobby has wifi connection. When in Lingga, I can not making communication because network is not good. Perhaps I do not notice what is the best provider in that place. So, bye... bye.... exist in Instagram in that time during my discovery places in Dabo Singkep, Lingga Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the nice places in Dabo Singkep and You should get lost in  that natures. If you do not believe me, then why You still read my blog because I know do you want to know about it, am I right? Let’s check this article till finish and I bet You will back pack your bag and run away to get crazy adventure in Dabo Singkep, Lingga Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

Meriam Tegak

Meriam is mean Cannon. This is one of cultural heritage with unique history. This cannon has a history and stands upright with dashing on the beach. The location of Meriam Tegak is located in Batu Berdaun Village, Singkep Sub-district, Lingga, Riau Islands, Indonesia. This form of cannon half of it body stuck to the ground with the position of the front straight upright facing the sky. This become one part to visit during holiday in Lingga Island, especially Dabo Singkep.

Batu Berdaun

Batu Berdaun beach is the best place to find the meaning of relax. The beach is sloping and white sand makes this beach into one of the favorite to visit. Uniquely again, the name of Beach Leaf is because this beach has something unique that the rock is overgrown with a tree. This is fantastic place with the nice view to get relaxing. You will not be sorry to visit this place.

Batu Ampar Waterfall

This waterfall call Batu Ampar, the located still in Dabo Singkep. This waterfall is not so high like in Daik but this place still worth it to visit it during Your discovery in Lingga Island, Dabo Singkep. This area is one of local people favorite to get relaxing and short gate away because this waterfall under Muncung Dabo Singkep mountain and also has wonderful panorama which make you love to stay here for a while. You will love to stay here with some reason so nature and the best part to visit this place early morning because no many people come to get holiday here. Mostly this part open every 03.00 pm. So, when You come early, You can not use public toilet because it lock.

There are still many places to visit it but I think for this day. Its enough to give you 3 best places to visit in Lingga Island, especially Dabo Singkep. I know this is to short but I also want to make you bored to read long articles. Honestly, I still keep the best part to make you more jealous and You will make plan to visit this island. Don’t you believe me? Because I do go there and I wanna back there again one day.


Happy Story start from You

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