Madam of Malay Part 1 | Discovery Lingga It’s not usually I am going from Government jetty in Punggur to get short gate a way in Lingga island, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Before going there, I should meet a group of journalist from Singapore and Malaysia in International Batam Centre jetty. The most amazing when You can see nature with different way and meet new people which has different talents and all so fantastic.

Today, I want to tell you story about Madam of Malay in Riau Islands. Why I said like that because mayority of Malay from Malaysia, Singapore said Lingga is Madam of Malay because of history. From Batam to get Lingga Island normally it need time around 6 hours but during the event of Fun Bike Lingga Regency, it just need 4 hours by big ferry. It’s call Lintas Kepri.

A lot of Malaysian and Singaporean come in that time with a lot of bikes. It so different in my way because how come people go cross the sea just wanna do fun bike in small island of Lingga. That is happened, the contain of the people match ages. The younger one is a boy from Malaysia. He is 6 years old and his younger brother the ages is 14 years. I just know it when they are already finish bike with the distance around 15 kilo meters with the heavy areas. Double wow because I can not imagine it! Really!! If I compare with myself, I won’t ever do it and it so damn tiring I guess.

4 hours in ferry, I feel so sleepy and tired because I just back from my short holiday in Tioman Island, Malaysia and Malacca, the heritage of Malaysia. I still not rest yet but that is so wonderful experience same like wonderful Indonesia lol. Can you imagine, You go to some places You never visit it before! Then You are realize that is so wonderful and You feel little guilty, why You never visit it before!

The Big Sea Star in Ocean

Our group is going to the city after our ferry stop in Dabo Singkep jetty! Before going to jetty. We stop in one of the beach. The first time I think it just normal beach but actually that is so awesome beach for you who love the beaches with the white sands and nice waves around You plus the weather is so damn nice with the blue light. I feel so fantastic when I see one of big sea star in ocean. The local people care of them. When one of man said to touch it and get selfie with it. Suddenly I said come on, You will kill it just to get selfie with the sea star. I ever read in one of forum for people who love to traveler by herself/himself. They complain when one of the member shared photos with marine... Oops actually I ever do it long time ago! But when I know the information when we are touch any fishes and anything for example sea star they will death after an hour You touch it!

When I know it! I never ever do it again. Why I should kill the wonderful animal just to get best picture for short time shoot! Enjoy the day in that place is making me thinking about why time so fly faster then I can imagine it. The journey is till not end. We go in the city, don’t You imagine city with the glamor of lights and big building. It still simple but nice even the road is not bigger but I love to discovery that area in the night.

Aha, one of our group has a famous food blogger from Malaysia, his name is Mr Toni. He loves to get know some foods in Lingga, so we are hunting the food and sing a song in one of cafe in Dabo Singkep, Lingga Island, Indonesia. The first time we go to martabak manis (sweet pancake), they see how it cook and get tasty of sweet pancake. Toni, the Singapore journalist leader ask me what is the best favor to eat sweet pancake. I am so confused what the local people there like it lol. So I am trying to get nice taste which I hope it so tasty. So I decided to tell him about two favors, first of course cheese and chocolate and the second cheese and corn.

We cross the line and get one of food stall that is normally just roti bakar (bread roasted) with jams. Once again they ask my recommendation but when in that time I am talking with a customer and ask what the favor he order, then the answer is like what I imagine. Do you want to know what is it? Emmmm..... should I tell you about it? So embarrassed you know, he is ordering cheese and chocolate bread lol. O.K lets back to the group who already waiting us in the cafe. They are people full of energy and never feel tired and chill the day in that cafe. Drinking and eating even we are already eating dinner in hotel hihihi, eating is something special when You get lost in new place. Why not! Culinary never bored to try many times when You have nice belly to be your best friend ever.

Ready to bike? That is starting tomorrow morning so let’s take a break and enjoy the night and tomorrow moring. I will continue my story tomorrow! I promise, no worry! See you and welcome December.

Happy Story start from You

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