Safari Lagoi and Beautiful Eco Farm Part 2 in the nature in Bintan Island, Indonesia is something so nice, actually. I do it a few times and never feel bored. If you want to know the new place which it is good for kids and family. I will tell you to choose Safari Lagoi. The reason is simple because this nice place with a lot of animal and very educative.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Safari Lagoi and Beautiful Eco Farm in Bintan Island, Indonesia. Do you like to see animal? If the answer is YES. Then keep stay tune in this storycitra because You will not sorry to read this article till finish. Bintan Island, the exactly Lagoi area is the famous part in Bintan Regency.

Fun and Education Time

Having kid is not easy to care and make them get fun and education in the same time. In the Safari Lagoi, all of that can get easy in there because kids can be playing with rabbit and learn about how to make fertilizer to make plants grow nice and health. Beside that You can catch the rabbit and play with them or just catch them to get selfie. I love this moment and mostly the rabbit won’t get touch it. So get run and catch them are something awesome to get little fun.

Birds until Monkeys

No body said I hate birds if You can see a lot of kind birds in Safari Lagoi and the design of bird cage so big and beautiful design. Birds can fly with freedom and it so fantastic to see it. The small birds until the big birds are so awesome even we just can see them from outside of bird cages but it so fantastic to look around and see it.

Beside the birds, there is also same kind of monkey which they are so active in the cages. They can play and shaking tree by tree and make me little scare when they are jump in the gate. No worry, all good in the security. Even a lot of active monkey, there is also cute monkey even this monkey get lost one his feet because of the hunter. I don’t like hunter, how about you? This monkey so cute and friendly, he is trying to catch louse in Mr Candra hair hihihi.. Sometimes this monkey clean the dirty hands of Candra. So cute, right. I wish this monkey will keep happy there.

Orang Utan until Elephant

Orang Utan is one of the famous in Indonesia. The kind of Orang Utan only exist in Sumatera and Kalimantan even they different kind but all so nice to see. They are living with happy in the big “forest” with the river front of they cages. You can see them play with each others and no worry the orang utan can not swimming so the river make them keep in their line.

Elephant is big animal but Elephant also has bad habit which we should not be like that. That is revenge! Elephant has good memory to remember people or something which hurt them. So we should different character of elephant. Even like that it is nice to see elephants life and sometimes the employee allow passengers to help them take bath of elephants. So sweet to get adventure in Safari Lagoi and learn anything new to make kids get new knowledge and adventures.

Crocodile Lonely and Fishes

In the big pool, there is living of crocodile. Even the pool so big but the crocodile look so lonely because Crocodile live alone there. I wish soon crocodile will get new friends to make their life more colorful hihihi. See the big crocodile will make the new sensation for kids. Seek and Hide hihi sometimes the crocodile is hiding so we can not see it with careful. It’s so nice to see it alive in the pool

Fishes are swimming with happy hours in the pool. Let’s look  them with happy face then You can see the fishes are swimming and learn how many fishes in the pool. Let’s count it with careful hihihi. Learning in important and most important if it can be fun for kids. Even holiday let’s keep learning with fun time. Besides fishes, there also has a lot of turtles.

What else I find in the Safari Lagoi? Do you want to know? Then keep stay tune! I will tell you some nice parts when I visit The Safari Lagoi in Bintan Island, Indonesia. Have a nice day and thanks for visit my blog and leave the comment.

Happy Story start from You

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