Simple Chicken Ginger Soup

StoryCitra-I don’t like the words which making statement women should be smart in the kitchen. As the way I am, I am miss lazy in the kitchen but sometimes I should be cook by myself. So, here I am in the kitchen and try to making some food. Even I don’t like spend time in the kitchen but I know how to cook simple food. So, some of my recipe in my blog it will be simple food to cook and easy going because I do not like spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about how I am cooking some food in my simple kitchen in Tanjungpinang. One day, My mommy is going holiday to Malaysia for several days. So, I should be cooking to myself and also some brothers and little criwil. I am so confused in that time! I have a lot to do and I should spend time in kitchen! What should I cook and it so easy to make. So, I am making something unusual to created some simple menu. So, I call it Chicken ginger soup. Do you wonder how I can make this food and how is the taste? Just stay tune in here.

Ingredients: chicken, red ginger powder, onion, garlic, (soya)  soy sauce, salt, and little sugar.

 How to Prepare or cook
First put water inside of pan. Boil the water. When already boil, put chicken which already cut it as your style. I just like cut the chicken small slide for soup. Then boil chicken until cook more or less 15 minutes. After that, prepare the flavor (cooking spices) such as the onion and garlic cut it slice it.

Heat the vegetable oil then put the onion and garlic, cooked it till smell good before pouring water. After pouring water then put the chicken which already boil till cook, add soy sauce, red ginger powder and salt plus little sugar. Let’s them boil and its already serve.  So, it simple and no need long time to cooking it and more important it so health because les oil to fried the chicken. I prepare the chicken does not need to fried but the taste is not change the chicken.

When my little criwil eat that chicken ginger soup, she asked more the thin sauce of the soup. She said the chicken ginger soup so yummy and fresh, the taste little spicy and sweet. Because it mix of ginger and soy sauce. So, let’s try it and I hope you love it too because miss lazy is back in the kitchen and make experiment in the kitchen.

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