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StoryCitra-Fun time is You but it depend on You how to get fun time. Everybody has different style and way to get fun. How about You? I love to learn something new and break the rule of my skill. Actually I am not into design graffic basic but I love to learn about it. So, with little “confidence” I am trying to make something new this year. I wish, You will love what I do it for you.

This an idea already long time I wanna do it but I know my skill still zero and my English still poor. Even like that, I am trying to make it better and short in 15 – 20 pages every month. Having ideas of course so easy to get it but to make it real. That is the REAL Problem begin. I started to do it on October but do You know sometimes busy come to our life, I get a lot interruption so this time I can make it. You will love it, I hope so hahaha. Oops, so rude I am. I forget to say Happy New Year 2018 to You all. I hope this year will come with happiness and keep strong when problems come too.

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Life is never easy! Life is awesome! Life is magic with all complicated with all it come to You and I. Do you have plan for this year to get better life? Of course everybody Madam to get better time by time. The key to make better life is simple way, plan it, work it be real, pray hard for that! So, everything will be o.k (sometimes) because You and I are having many plans in earth but God who decided what will happened in the future. For example, my big sister have plan on April with her husband to build their relationship in high level. I mean to having a baby but God decided different. God was making my brother in law rest for a while till we meet again in heaven. It is so night mare of course for us. I can not imagine, how is perfect plan, perfect life become so messy in one short time! It happen and my sister still so sad about it, including our family. We get lost “again” someone we love it.  

Whatever the problems, life test come to us! Do not make it getting worse even it already worse and mess our life. I do believe strom come will give the rainbow and do not waste your time. Let’s do as the best You can do! Be planner and do it because You will feel better. This is one of my plan in this 2018. Having my own magazine even on Electronic Magazine (E-Magazine). I give it free to everyone who wants to read and download it. I know the first Be Traveler E-Magazine still not perfect yet. I do it with my all zero skill on design and I wish in the future will be better and better. I just know DO IT and TRY IT, keep creative in alive. So You will keep alive with full positive energy. Negative will never stay to long time in your mind and live because You keep busy.

Let’s reading my E-Magazine. I do not know why the name magazine become BE Traveler. Perhaps, I wanna keep traveling in the future. So, the name of My FREE E-Magazine become Be Traveler. The content about the review hostel/hotel/restaurant/cafe (etc); nature, tips (in the future), story, and many thing with short words. Because in this time, I know, exactly, people want to get complated information without read a lot. So here my concept of my E-Magazine simple words and nice photos. Let’s download or read it as well as, your feedback will give my E-Magazine with PDF style will be better time by time in the future.

Thank you for friends, readers who keep reading and support me. I love it and I wish 2018 will better for You and I in the future. The simple key to keep alive, just plan, do it and pray harder because we do not have power but God has it. Asking God to make You and I keep strong in every time live come to us. Do not forget to follow my Instagram @Citrapandiangan and @Citrap81. Be friend with me and You will know me better.  
Happy Story start from You

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