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StoryCitra-Let’s see the sky, You will find something different every day. That is mean time is pass day by day. Do not make You scare when You see the sky and You can get wonderful color blue and white. Blue sky is wonderful. In the good weather it’s the best part to go adventure. What do you think?

On The Blue Sky, I want to dance and fun; Blue sky make me feel so bless; I can see every thing in good day; Blue sky and ocean are perfect time to discover; When I imagine no line between them. You can be so romantic and poetry if You get feeling under blue sky which make you feel like a poet even you are not one of them. That is the power of nature. That is why in this February E-Magazine Be Traveler present the second edition with the title “On Blue Sky.” You can read that free and download or read on ONLINE. What ever your style to read my E-Magazine Be Traveler, I hope you will love it.

Staying in Marina Bay during holiday in Genting village, Tioman Island, Malaysia is so fantastic. That is why I decided to make this article on February because I bet You will love it. Getting lost in nature is fantastic right! Beautiful beach always be magnet for everyone, including me hihihi. My adventure story is something new in my content E-Magazine. I got lost in beautiful nature it called Tioman Island, exactly in Genting village.

I also make poetry which in the first edition I did not make it but for this second edition Free E-Magazine I made it because I want You (my friends) to read it. No worry, I make every content so short and fun to read with some nice photos I taken by myself using my cheaper smarthpone but I hope You like the way I make and design it for you.

Do you want to know the title of poetry I make it? Emm... O.K I will tell you so You will wonder to read the content on Free Emagazine be Traveler Story Citra hihihi. The title of poetry is about beautiful of life because life is so beautiful. I know I am right!  Its not perfect talking about nice place without talking foodie... Let's eating. Emm.... I love to eat! How about you?

Let’s read E-Magazine the second edition on here and you can download this article on this link e-magazine Be Traveler on The Blue Sky. Happy reading and see you in the next edition about.... secret! I want you to keep waiting and do not miss it, o.k

Happy Story start from You

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