Freshcare, Fresh Yourself as an Aromatherapy Oils I was stuck in traffic, even though the condition of the body is tired. Because the job in the office very much. In addition to traffic conditions, air pollution is very disturbing. I don’t Know since when.  Perhaps, it because the economy is getting better on  “City ” residents from time to time, but why, this body and heal it feels really tired, headache, felt like really need massage  but I was  on the road. A car running like a snail. Perhaps, snail faster than cars.

Today, Citra wants to tel you story about aromatherapy oil which it can fresh yourself. Traffic always make us tired, am I right. I forget something. I am always bring something to relieve and heal and headaches. Do you want  to know? What is the secret always I brought   and always used every day. Emmm, Do you know the magical  little Freshcare? Why should fresh care? Do you want to know the reason why I really like using freshcare roll on.

The first reason why I particularly liked the small size of this thing because simple and practical to carry and guaranteed not going to make the aroma oil spill and contaminate the contents of my bag. Of course is not only the form of wind oil roll on the practical I loved, but also a selection of aroma diverse with many benefits provided bottles of 100 ml size is never missed taken.

One my favorite is  Lavender scent, not because the flowers are colored purple. Which purple is my  favorite color. But also the scent of lavender is indeed believed to soothe and make you relax because the scent of lavender. So it has been ascertained. That is the reason why I really liked this one freshcare  oil roll on.

So there is no mistaking the scent of lavender aromatherapy oil freshcare is very fresh breeze and soothing. Not only that warm feeling of the  oil roll on Freshcare also help relieve anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension plus overcome.

Motto or freshcare message that became the trademark is "think fresh, freshcare think" if I prefer to say, tired and get rid of freshness and warmth with freshcare. What is your aroma like? Although the very same love lavender, it does not mean I never try another  oil aroma therapy of Freshcare. I ever felt a sense of warmth more than Freshcare Sporty, bottles are packed in dark blue is indeed COOL. For lovers of heat. Want to be extra hot, try aromatherapy HOT freshcare than you will get it very hot, really felt part of the body affected by the oil aroma therapy freshcare. So, for those who want enjoy heartburn that does not "burn" and comfortable, just choose freshcare lavender Aroma therapy and sport. You see, I love the feeling pleasure warm and comfortable on the body untouched roll on and issued a fresh aroma and then warmed because it including mint inside the roll on.

As you know,  what is the point of aromatherapy? The purpose of aroma therapy is one type of alternative medicine that uses plant materials volatile liquid, known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds from plants which aims to influence mood or health of a person, which is often coupled with the practice of alternative medicine . Do you already know right.  .

Another reason is because the freshcare I Like the  oil is not sticky to the touch plus softens the skin, keeping the skin so as not to get irritated even if used repeatedly. So , bye bye tired neck, especially someone who loves writing and typing, eventually writing and typing sometimes neck get so stiff and tense. By applying a few times on the neck, menthol and the warm  oil can create a warm and fatigue was gone.

Freshcare Aroma Therapy can be selected in accordance with the wishes namely :

  • Lavender & Sandalwood 
  • Citrus, Green Tea & Happy Cherry
  • Bubble Gum & Passion Fruit
  • Sports & Strong
  • Splash Fruity & Lavender

 See you next time to discuss another product review. If you want to know more this product you can sent me email or on contact form. I would love to tell you more about if. 

Happy Story start from You

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