Discovery Mersing Town to Get Lost in Night time in small town in Mersing is the best holiday without rush. This quotes will make my day and yours are bright, “I love holidays. It's such a wonderful time for the whole family to be together and not have to worry about schedules and that kind of thing -Toni Collette.


Today, Citra wants to tell you story about adventure in Mersing town, Johor, Malaysia. This is fantastic experience while holiday there with a friend which I never meet her for years. So, this adventure will get amazing. To get to Mersing from Johor Bharu, it need 4-5 hours depend on traffic. Honestly, this is our first journey to get lost in town. Mostly, I prepare big city but I want to get little different on holiday.

Mersing is a southeast Malaysian coastal town. Mostly people who love traveling go there because this town is the only way to get lost in Tioman Island. Actually, Tioman island is our real destination. I think we just pass the Mersing to get Tioman island but it can not be happened because the ferry in Mersing jetty only one time in early morning. It is mean 5 am to get ticket and queue to get ferry and the ferry will go around 7 am. Trouble schedule right!

 So, we have to stay one night in Mersing town. Raining is coming out in the perfect time because we already get our home stay in Mersing. After searching and get information high price for stay in hostel and hotel. My friend and I decided to find home stay and we get a few home stay before choosing Omar Backpacker home stay. The price is not so expensive and the style is like dorm but the only guess just US.



Lucky, Malaysia time for sunset little light. Time already 5.30 pm when I decide to discover Mersing town after raining stop. So, here we are in the street to get little adventure in the night. First to make sure, we go to the harbor (harbour) Mersing because we are afraid in early morning we do not know anything.



 Lucky time because it already close haha but we still can discover Mersing harbour and take some selfie pictures and discover some place. As I remember, the old ticketing shop already close and ticketing agency it only open in the new building before the words said Mersing Harbour. I just notice it when trying to buy ticket in the early morning. 

 After that, we just walking without notice anything till we think we are getting lost and confusing hahaha. Even small town when in the night and you do not get a lot of light and little rain. So quiet and just some vehicle pass on you. It’s so scary right hahaha. Lucky me, I have partner in “crime” this time. 


 Honestly, traveller who stay in Mersing mostly they have a few reason. They arrive very late or they miss the last ferry. Note, Mersing city has two ferry jetty but I prepare to get in with feet. I do not need to use taxi to get me to other jetty which the second jetty. The time schedule for the last ferry around 4 pm but it depend on the level of waves. So, that is up to you when you wanna go to Tioman Island via Mersing town. This town has two jetty, they are Mersing Jetty or Tg. Gemok Jetty.

If you choose mersing jetty from the bus stop terminal, you just walk till you see the bridge section. This is something unique because no stairs. So it’s like lucky and also nightmare for me. Where I use my roller suitcase hahaha. When going to up so difficult for me after feeling so tired on the ferry (Tanjungpinang to Malaysia (Johor Bharu) need 5 hours on the boat. Then continue by bus Johor Bharu to Mersing town. It need 4-5 hours depend on traffic.

Mersing town in the night is so dark. Lucky me, I always make notice something unique or easy to remember the point street. After looking around in the night, we get nice a Hindu temple. Where is this located at the base of the hill near to the central round. When we arrive we do not notice it. After visiting this temple, honestly, my friend get confused and afraid because we do not know how to back to our home stay haha.





 After walking half hour then I look, KFC. I make KFC such as unique point because the bridge from terminal over besides KFC building.  We are so hungry and time already 8 pm. We have to sleep and wake up around 3.30 or something before 4 am. Because the owner hostel told us. We have to queue to get ticket early morning because if we are not early come to jetty. Perhaps, we will not get the ticket.





Before back to home stay or hostel, we have to eat first right. We are taking late dinner in     Restaurant Syed Ali, Indian food. Syed Ali is one of the cheapest and best little restaurants. As you know, this restaurant is not fancy but this is not so bad to grab your dinner. I take roti kosong with curry. The price is not so expensive even when I get lost in Mersing and Tioman island, I will tell you next time about Tioman island, the RM (Ringgit Malaysia) is high price hahah but we still enjoy the moment.





I bet do you wonder about my adventure in Tioman island right. No worry, next time I will share my best holiday and what should you do while holiday in Tioman island, especially Genting village and Mukut village.  






Happy Story start from You

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  1. I Think that's nice trip, hangout with old friend which never meet for years is really needed to make your happiness on the trip. I see Mersing Town it's most interesting in this story is the feel of the hotel with the nature surrounding can blending nature so that people can enjoy their visit. I hope can enjoy the beautifull of Mersing Town as like which you tried.

  2. I think this town can be our next destination for spending family's holiday. Tfs.

  3. oke.. after read your article, i'll make this town to become my next visit in Malaysia.

    nice doll by the way.

  4. nice trip sis, this is information that i need to go on a trip Mersing Town, i would like to bring my family too

  5. Aku suka banget sama roti cane... ngeliatnya aja langsung lapaaarr!! Btw kalau travelling memang enaknya sama partner in crime ya mba sama gilak nya hahaha

  6. seruuuuu ya mba keliling-kelilingnyaaa. Banyak juga yang bisa dinikmati

  7. ahhh, Mersing. I ever heard but never came there, this story and pictures will keep as our reference then.


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