Japanese Food in Tomo Restaurant

StoryCitra-I like Japanese   food as long as it boil plus noodles. How if I am trying different food which it I never eat before. It’s become mystery food for me. Everyone loves to try different foods. It’s normal as long as You dare yourself to try and become fans of sensation of me.  I know my weight is not slim anymore. I am getting little extra weight but it is not making me STOP to EAT and try the new food I want to try. I love this Quotes “People who love to eat are always the best people. - Julia Child”

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Tomo Restaurant in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. This restaurant already exist in Tanjung Pinang but I just have time to visit this place. Because, I heard bad review and this restaurant also do not have a lot of reviewer in the TripAdvisor. That is making me doubt. It is normal as a traveler, sometimes I love to search many information before going to some places. The reason because it will not make me disappoint when I try some food and spend money but all is not worth it to do.

Tomo restaurant in Tanjung Pinang and the location in Rimba Jaya. I will tell you this story next time about Rimba Jaya, this place is one of good point if You love to hunting culinary. Let’s back to Tomo Restaurant topic, as the name of restaurant of course in this restaurant all about Japanese food and many variants food you can try to eat as long as You want to eat them. Because a lot of menu in the book.

The first I can say I like the service, the waiter is good service. I like it! The price for some people said it so pricey but no worry you can try with the small portion with the responsibility price for you. I order some of menu because of my bill gone so I just remember a few of menu, so sorry.

Sushi Roll Salmon

Salmon is the famous fish right and how it created on sushi roll. The taste I love it with the sticky rice and slice salmon in the up or roll rice.  The texture of sticky rice is not so bad. I like it, the taste of salmon also is not so bad. How much this price? I forget I guess around 47.000 IDR

Avocado Maki

This same like sushi roll but the inside with the fresh avocado and ginger. The taste is not so bad but the rice to sticky but so far so good. This avocado maki little different because get cover seaweed. The only less is the wasabi is not so spicy. The price around 18.000 IDR.


Tomo Restaurant has some variant of kimchi. I forget which one I choose but the taste is not so bad. It is like boil with a lot of gravy and the smell when the waiter brings it in my table. It so nice but the taste is not so delicious like what I expected

Set Menu Japanese

I forget the right menu but this set menu is so completed with the meat and vegetables. The most I love the spicy is so good. The meat is cook very well. I can taste the sweet of meat. I love this food with the fried egg. Lovely and I want to eat this again. The price around 60.000 IDR I guess.

Watermelon Bingsoo

The desert I choose the watermelon bingsoo. I love it the watermelon so sweet and in the up of watermelon has big spoon ice cream and inside of the cold ice has almond choco ball and red bean.  This desert can eat for 3 people. That is why the waiter gives 3 small spoons and strew. The price around 55.000 IDR.

This restaurant design is japan decoration and nice design. There is also has AC and out door room which you can smoke there. So, just try your experience eat in the Japanese restaurant in Tanjung Pinang. The address in Jalan Gudang Minyak Rimba Jaya, Kemboja, Tanjungpinang Bar., Kota Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau 29115. Open around 09.00 am till 11.30 pm. Let’s making your journey now and book your hotel here on booking.com website.

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