Best Experience Traveling in Malaysia not asked to travel blogger because they already spend months or years to traveling around the world. Asking me why I like to traveling? The answer is I just want to keep alive to go out from my routine to get my freedom life even just short time holiday. The quotes is making me follow my journey is “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” -Jawaharial Nehru

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the best part to visit Malaysia. I do not realize, I do go holiday to Malaysia several times. It is making me visit in different places and all make me feel so awesome because all so different and unique plus fantastic to do. Do you will love to spend holiday discover Malaysia. Let’s keep reading my experience when visit Malaysia in general. Because, I will give you the full journey experience in; This is my other blog special for traveling and culinary only.

 The Places You should Visit during Holiday in Malaysia

 Kuala Lumpur – Tower Twins

The Petronas Towers is nice place to see the view of Kuala Lumpur. Some local people said Petronas Twin Towers because its similar. It is nice to see the view from the tower. This tower as built in 1995.  I visit Petronas before sunset.  So I can see sunset from the high building. It so  beautiful to see from the high building and inside petronas tower. There are also some activities You can do it while waiting some friends or queue to see the view.

Tioman Island – Enjoy Local Life

The best experience in my adventure in Tioman Island, I spend 14 days and enjoy local life and live like local in Mukut village. It so fantastic to enjoy the day. It is far from the city and every day I can see the beautiful view. The wonderful under water sea in Mukut, many corals and fishes. I can not forget it the moment when holiday there. Local food in Tioman island also cheaper, friendly local people even they can not speak English but smiling and feel like home. The most fantastic to enjoy holiday and escape from routine in here.


Morning time enjoy the culinary while seeing the view of the ocean. Noon time discover island and in afternoon time during sunset snorkeling in the ocean. Lovely day right! In the night, spend time to chit chat or talking with the people.

Malacca – Night Street Food

People said if you want to enjoy lovely night go to Malacca. Malacca is also famous with the heritage. The most located to enjoy culinary and also night market at Jonker Street. Jonker Street is lively and lined with museums, souvenir shops, antique warehouses, and art galleries, together with a multitude of happening bars and specialty stores. You can visit it every day but the most special during weekend because it can be night market in Joker street. It is on Friday and Saturday nights for its renowned night market.

Genting Highland – Best out door activities


What can you imagine about Genting Highland in Malaysia? I can bet, you will imagine the out door activities there. Is that true? Honestly, when I am talking about the Genting. I imagine wonderful activities indoor and outdoor there. Many games I can do it by myself or with friends. This place never bored for people who love activities holiday.


Penang – Butterfly Farm
Many things in Penang for you who love discover nature and culinary but honestly when talking about Penang. My mind is flying to butterfly farm. This farm really make me can not move on from the beautiful butterfly flies near me hahaha. Sorry, but that is true. This is amazing part for me during holiday in Penang.

Johor Bharu – Sunset in the Sky Bar Putri Habour



The most I love to enjoy my evening time while enjoy sunset in the sky bar near Putri Habour Johor. The location so nice and I can see the sunset and the ocean. So lovely place to enjoy the time and getting relaxing.


Many places I visited when I was going holiday in Malaysia but I just shared it as general. Perhaps, next time I will shared for one place step by step. What will you do when holiday in Malaysia? You can do many things because Malaysia is big and many places with different style, culture and culinary. Everything is worth it to spend time to get lost in Malaysia.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Jadi pengen balik ke Penang lagi kak, kota kecil tpi banyak bgt destinasi wisatanya, ada bus gratis pulak tu

  2. Bring me there kak Cit.. Daku ingin ke Malaysia belum jadi terus nih.

  3. Emang kalo traveling nenangga enaknya ke Malaysia ya. Makanannya cucok, gak mahal dan banyak yang bisa diliat. Seru deh

  4. Sesekali mau lah aku diajak jalan bareng ama kak citra...mana tau nak kelengkawi maulah aku itutt...hahaha...BTW Tioman bagus yeee

  5. I have heard that Tioman is a beautiful Island, Wanted to go there someday

  6. Aku pengen banget ke Tioman loh Cit. Kayaknya di sana tenang dan damai banget


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