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Storycitra.com-Time is faster and can you stop the time to keep make time gone so fast? The answer is NO. It’s so impossible to make time STOP but to make watch STOP it is so easy because broken or the battery finished. I want to say Happy June. May almost finish and I wish everything will be better.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about learning. Yes, I am learning about life. Next month is my time to getting older and I do not know what will happen next day. I just believe the pass time give me good learns about life. Everyone knows life is NEVER EASY. No one can tell you life is easy to pass day by day but everyone told you to keep alive and survive in hard life. Even it is so difficult but you will find something amazing between alive.

Learning myself! Every day I am learning about my life.  I am making life is more hard then before. I do not know what happened about this life. It is so easy for some people but it is not so easy for me. I realize everybody has different journey and you can not complain about it because that is true.

Learning by myself what I want in my life! I want to be HAPPY. Everybody also wants to be happy. I am making my life so simple to get happy. Eating a piece chocolate, it already make me HAPPY. I get lost in paradise even in my town. I feel so damn HAPPY. I just put my happiness in the SMALL Things. Then I realize how wonderful my life.

Long time ago, I am making my HAPPINESS in the high levels such as example branded clothes, expensive beauty products. When I can’t buy all of it. It make me unhappy and moody person. Because I am thinking about how poor I am! Why I can not buy what I want to buy. Why it make me feel so stressful in alive when I can’t get what I need it! Thinking about unhappy my life, it’s making my days so worse and I do not have passion in alive.

I change my mind to put the happiness in small things. Do you know what I get? I am so blessing with my life. I feel like I am the owner of this world haahaa. Because I am always think positive about anything. I won’t get trouble about something I can’t get but I am trying to take and give what I can give it to my life. I am learning it by myself about the meaning of LIFE for my life! How about you?

Honestly, expensive beauty products really awesome in our skins but when we can’t buy it anymore. It is not making our world disaster but you have to learning new things to get something news as your badget without make you become Madam grumpy or miss grumpy in your life.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Setuju mbak. Just be yourself. Kalau kata orang Jawa itu namanya 'Wang Sinawang'. Kadang apa yang terlihat oleh orang lain itu tak selalu seperti yang benar-benar terjadi. Yang tahu diri kita adalah diri kita sendiri, yang tahu apa yang membuat kita bahagia adalah diri kita sendiri. Standar bahagia setiap orang berbeda-beda. Tak perlu menggunakan standar kebahagiaan orang lain. Dan jangan lupa banyak berdoa...^_^. Karena doa itulah yang membuat jiwa kita selalu sehat...Toss mbak. mari kitabahagia... hehehe...

  2. Selamat ulang tahun. Eh kecepatan. Tapi gak apa-apa! Itu duriannya bikin penghayatan makin mendalam ya!

  3. Life lessons: Do not compare yourself to others, or even to past. just live life in the present. Enjoy how good or bad your situation. YOU deserve to be happy. COS :)

  4. Hidup akan terasa indah, kalau kita merasa cukup ya kak. Positive thinking aja sih ya.

  5. enak ya mba, bisa menghadiahi diri terus dengan jalan2.. di tunggu terus kelanjutan ceritanya mba.


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