Visiting Goa Maria in Bintan Island Bintan island is not the only famous with the beach and luxury holiday. Many things and excited places can be part of adventure in Bintan island, Indonesia. It’s not only about relaxing and playing golf. You can go to the other part, find the real adventure. Bintan island is big, including the trikora beaches, the favorite people to get nice beach and relaxing to get burn skin lay in the white sands.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Goa Maria.  In English, it call Grotto Santa Maria (Santa Maria Cave). This located is so close from Trikora beaches. This place is not many people know about it, including me.

I just wonder what people said in TripAdvisor about Bintan island. When I am browsing about what is nice to do during holiday here. Suddenly I find this place and it is making me think. I want to visit this part. When I am going to trikora. Location Santa Maria cave is the same way to go to Trikora Beach. The BIG problem is.... I do not know the way to find this place. Lucky me, I have a friend who love to hunting location to take photos. I asked him in the local forum for Kepri Blogger Community and viola… I am coming in this place, finally. Even I get lost a few times. No worry, I will give you the correct ways to find this place.

When I am going there, I find something “scary” because too quiet. Nobody there and I also almost get lost. I am still  feeling lucky because I meet local people there. They help me to find that place. Even no one there and I am so afraid with my "imagination". Sometimes, I have bad imaginations. It is like horror movie hahaha. Oops, sorry.


Actually it is so fantastic place to get lost. This place was built in 18th century by a Dutch Pastor. That's why the church building has architecture of the past. It is like church in the fairy tale with the color red. The church building is not far to get the point of Maria caves. When I visit this place on Monday and I saw some candles burns. Then I look around this place and I find station of the cross.


I wonder about the half building and I look around point to point. I guess it is around 14 stations of the crosses. Every station has different story and I go one by one to see it. I feel so speechless when I see it. Perhaps, I am still Christian and I feel in touch with the statues cross the station. Too quiet place and it is making me can hear the birds and some of insect.

I won’t lie. The road to get point to point of the station cross, it is so dirty because a lot of leaves were falling. I can’t blame it because many trees and it is like in the forest. It is so nature and fun to discover the station of the cross one by one. Until today the place is still very well preserved and maintained.

 Tips for me before going there, you have to own your mosquito lotion. So you will not get bite of them. A bottle of water to drink because after discovering this place, you will be getting so thirsty. No worry, after seeing this place, you can enjoy the trikora coast.

How to get there: You can rent a car or motor bike. It was 20 minutes away from Trikora Beach. Now, you should careful because no sign. To find this place, first find located Serumpun Padi Emas Resort, because this Maria caves before the hotel. The Maria caves in the left road and the hotel the other side of road. You will see cement path that lead one to the Chapel right up the hill. You have to turn right on the small road. Then, you will see the right side and follow it, because the church and station cross in this place. It is FREE no entrance ticket. Have fun to holiday in Bintan island. Find magic and fantastic holiday here to your life.

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  1. Jd banyak nyamuk dan sepi ya di sana, mungkin di sana ramainya jelang perayaan hari besar keagaamaan umat Kritiani kyknya ya mbak :)

  2. Ya, benar kak Cit, Banyak orang belum tahu tempat bersejarah atau tempat wisata baru yang ada di Bintan. Menulis salah satu promo terbaik tuk mengenalkannya.

  3. Wow, this place so amazing. Hope i can be there soon.

  4. Belum pernah ke Bintan, penasaran. Gerejanya cantik yaa..

  5. I just known Bintan has this kind of beautiful place... Nice place kakak..


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