Be Happy Even No Money is magical for some people and I know this word already long time ago. When I find new application “Like” Every one is magical. It so fun to kill the time and make little butterfly inside belly when making little fun. Life is hard to be happy but happiness is not difficult to get it in our lives.
Today, Citra wants to tell you story about be happy even no money. Many people think (including me) happiness is when you have a lot money because money can brings happiness. Having a lot of money also have many problems. Do you still remember a few billionaires in the world sell them asset and go to small village and forest to get relaxing and happiness. So, this points make me things happy is not all about MONEY but how you make yourself to be happy.

Maybe it sound so silly and crazy an idea when I am making Vlogging (vlog) on my channel YouTube Citra Pandiangan. You can see below in this link. How is to be happy even no money. It sounds silly such as I am not billionaires. I am not success with my shopping online business. I am “jobless” such as my status in this time a freelance but I am so happy in my life even day by day is hard to pass away. 

I just have two secret to make me feel happy. Even I get grumpy a few hours. I get sadness, get hurt but I am still a happy person inside my heart and mind. Do you want to know my secret? I bet the answer is . . . . NO! Ouch! Am I wrong? Ok the answer is YES, I guess.

Enjoy Life Where Ever You Stay
Can I tell you how lucky I am? I am so lucky person who live in Indonesia. In this country has two season only summer and rain. Today is summer and sometimes it make me so grumpy because I am getting a lot of sweat but I am still happy because I still enjoy my time in summer and get relaxing.

To get relax is the key to be happy. I do not need to go to every island to get happiness. I can go to discover my “city” to get relaxing. Like on my video, I go to the small village. It is call Senggarang at Tanjung Pinang. I go there to get my body is getting relaxing and cold without AC, because the wind and the high level of waves make me feel so good. See, getting relaxing is not always about go to different city. You just can find your best favorite to get relax in your hard day. 

I bet you will say “MY house so far from the beach! How I can get relaxing?” I will asked you simple question. Is your around has park or some nice places to get relax? I bet many cities have park. You can go there and enjoy your relaxing time. The simple how to make us happy is “How to create happiness in your mind and heart” When You can find how to create it. Where ever you stay! You will love to spend your time to enjoy your life and being happy. 

One of my secret! When I get hard life and I can not go to somewhere such as park, beach. I need make my mind get relaxing and happy to create kids story or novel or whatever my project I make. I go to the store by ice cream or chocolate. I am eating it and feel the melty (melted) chocolate inside my mouth and its getting up on my mind of the sweet chocolate. It is making me feel so happy. See, so simple to create the happiness in our mind.

Food is not all about expensive or fancy Restaurant
I have some friends who are not belongs to eat in the street food because they think it is not clean and healthy. I am not agree with them! I find eating food street also so nice and getting fun. It is like we hunt for treasure. Perhaps we get the delicious food and the taste is like luxury restaurant but the price is so cheaper. Why not! That is making us more happier.

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Eat in the street food is not mean you are poor or less money. Why you should spend a lot of money just to get simple food. If you can get simple food in the street food even in the simple place. So, it is depend on your mind. If you feel eat in street food is not making you happy then it will happened to you. When you make and create your happiness in your mind. You get it. Simple right but the simple things happiness is not your level, am I right? That is why you can not get happy in hole your life. Because, you feel you are poor and unhappy person in the world. You can not go to discover around the world because no money to make it TRUE but you never go out from your house to get lost in your own city to find beautiful place.

Let’s change your mind and find the happiness in around you. Created it and be happy because life is so short to find high level happiness in our lives. If you can find the simple happiness in your daily life, then your world is perfect! Remember the happiness is the KEY to be success.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. I do agree that we should be happy, with or without money! Love to see the way you see life

  2. ❤ always be happy yaa Mbak Citra.
    Smile to other, while I'm still have a teeth xoxo

  3. Hi mbak. Setuju banget be happy even no money 😄 terpenting hati bahagia ya

  4. Yea, because happiness is made, not given!

  5. Be grateful and you'll be always happy :D

  6. Definetely true!
    Happiness is always inside our mind.

    Let's create it.


  7. Bangga jadi orang Indonesia itu memang harus disuarakan. Biar yang selalu nyinyir segera mendapatkan kesadaran... Dan hidupnya akan semakin bahagia

  8. Setuju banget. Karena uang nggak bisa mengukur kebahagiaan seseorang

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    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent job!


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