Find Cheaper Activity While Holiday in Lagoi Bintan Island island, Indonesia is famous with the beautiful beaches and also the golf. Mostly people who holiday in Bintan island are richer and having a lot of money. Actually, Bintan island, especially in Lagoi, it is not the only expensive holiday you can enjoy. You also can enjoy the cheaper activity and you also can get fun during your holiday without get lost a lot of money from your wallet.


Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Find cheaper activity while holiday in Lagoi, Bintan Island, Indonesia. When you are hearing about Bintan, your imagine about luxury holiday, am I right? Actually, Bintan island, especially Lagoi or Lagoon some people said, that is nice place to get holiday there. All is not expensive in Lagoi. Let’s me give you clue what to do in Lagoi with the low budget.

Enjoy Meal in Pujesera


Who does not love to eat? I think, nobody because my body is getting extra because I always try some food and honestly, it make me so sad but I will more sad if I can not try or eat some delicious food while holiday. Some people said eat in Lagoi is so damn expensive but You can eat in pujesera in Lagoi. There is not so expensive for food and also in pujesera has many variant food you can try such as Indonesian food till Chinese food. The price is friendly on your and mine pocket. How about the food? I bet most I eat there, the food is not making me disappointed.

Relax in The Park



Park in Lagoi is nice. You can enjoy your time there under the tree while the sun is so naughty want to burn your skin. The wind in the park is making you feel comfortable. Enjoy my time in park with the free entrance ticket to enjoy your time there. Even the pool is so dirty because you can not swim there but you still can enjoy time there.

Discover Lagoi Plaza


Do you like shopping? You can discover lagoi plaza in Lagoi Bay. Mostly in this place start from super market, restaurant and also shops are not so expensive. The mall is not so big so, You can spend your time for two hours to look around the Lagoi Plaza if you are like me, no rush to see everything. Because holiday is not to rush but to enjoy every moment while discover and traveling.

Note: Plaza Lagoi opened in 2015 and this complex has shuttle bus from the resorts and ferry terminal. So, no worry to get to lagoi plaza.

Take Photo in Landmark



Lagoi Bay a lot of spots to take photos as landmark while you visit Lagoi area. There has big capital words Lagoi Bay as your background to take photo there and also love lock. This love shape you can put lock with your initial to remind you already visit here with your lover.

Enjoy Sunset in Lagoi Beach

The most I love while sunset in the lagoi bay beach. By the way, lagoi bay beach is open for public. So, you do not need to stay in hotel to enjoy this beach. The lagoi beach is nice to see the sunset even the sea is not high level but you still can enjoy the moment. I really love to get relax while see the sky is getting gold. It is like magical time while sunset.



Many activities you can find while you are holiday in Bintan Island, especially Lagoi. No worry, next time I will tell you more detail about what is nice place in Lagoi. Today, I just tell you short story about what to do in Lagoi to find the cheaper activity while holiday in Lagoi area, Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Quotes of the day: Holiday is nice, it is like you find something to get relaxing. No rush, no time, no schedule to do something. You are the owner the time what you wanna to do in this time. So, find happy life while holiday. -Citrapandiangan

Happy Story start from You

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