How to be Positive in Our Life or negative depend on how to use in the sentence. If it is about waiting baby, the positive result will be the great to find good news. How about life? Positive word has so difficult to get result being happy in alive. The quotes of the day, "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."—Thomas Edison.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about how to be positive in our life. Sound, it is fairy tale because come on! Nobody can be positive in their mind every day. Life is so suck while I am trying to be happy, many problems come to me and I do not know what should I do in my life. Your minds will disaster you! That is what I am learning in my life

Let’s be positive in our lives. How to be positive in our lives? Do you want to know? You are in the right article to find out. This is my five keys to be positive in our lives even that is so difficult to do. Honestly, day by day I can do it and feel life is amazing “sometimes”.

1. Think about FUTURE
What do you want to do in your future? You no need to answer because I do know what you will be answering it. Yes,  you do wanna be success in your life. You want to be business but it is only dream. That is your heart said about your goal in life because it sounds impossible to be true.


Actually think about what do you want to be in the future is not SIN. It will be make you more spirit to be alive. For example, you are feeling bore with your job every day. Nothing happened with your career, you feel like ROBOT because every day is the same program but when you make GOAL about your future in the five years right now. Then, your mind will make you more spirit.

Let me give you example about it. You want to be business people but you do not have money. You work hard but you seem it will never happened and you already tired with regular activity. STOP think about bore life. Let me give you clue to be positive. Thinking about your goal! DO you want to be business and you need capital. You work every day to save money to get CAPITAL. That is making you get spirit to go to work every day till you get the goal in your life.

2. Find GOOD PEOPLE around YOU

Whatever you hear words every day it will be in your mind. That is why the success books always said find good people around you. You should get friends who have same common with you. For example, you want to business people, let’s finding friend with the same common. Get friend who give you good feedback. When we’ve friends who does not common with us. They will never support us and it will make us far from GOAL. 


The most people who does not enjoy their life always said bad words about life. Do not hang out with the style people like this because it will make your life FAR from GOAL. If you are having friends who said good words about life and positive mind then you will be positive too. Because whatever you heard everyday it will be you without you realize. That is why, I am so careful to choose friends in my life because I want to be success and having friends who always support each other to make GOAL in alive.

Wake Up with POSITIVE Thinking

Honestly, I know this is so difficult to do. If you are bad luck on sleep how you can be positive in your mind. I just believe nothing impossible in this world as long as we believe it! When wake up and you see in the outside is raining and I bet you will be grumpy like I did before. Because, I do not have car and I used public transportation so that is so difficult while raining. If I am grumpy it will make my day become moody.

So, I said to myself ouch my goodness, why is so raining. This is miss/mr grumpy in alive but when we said like this, “Thank God is raining, so I do not need to watering my plants.” Positive right to see bad thing be good thing.

Enjoy Life

How I can enjoy my life if every day is problems come to my life. Enjoy life in the simple things can bring happiness in our day. How come? I give you example, sometimes I always get over budget while shopping. This month I did shopping a lot such as chocolate and ice cream. It is making me no money for a week. I do not want to sorry and said like this, “Why I can not control myself and shopping a lot and now I do not have money.” 

That words is NEGATIVE. I prepare said like this It is O.K I spend a lot of money this month and next month I should not shopping a lot because I did used it in this month. So, next month I have to save more money. POSITIVE, am I right because we can not reload the past time but we can see the future what we should do and plan to get POSITIVE.

Make a LIST

Do you know who you are? Of course you will answer YES, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE because I do know who I am. That is why making list to know which make you grumpy and spirit. Make two list bad attitude in the left side and good one in the right side. The bad attitude you should throw it in the trash and thinking about the positive to make you more confidence about the good future in alive.

Life is never easy like fairy tale but life is awesome every day to learn about it. We are not the control the future but we can make good future with good words in our minds and life. Let’s be positive in our life every day because life is about get the point happiness. To know the meaning HAPPINESS, we should know about the SADNESS. So, don’t be grumpy while bad things come to our life but find the positive mind to get HAPPINESS.


Happy Story start from You

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