The Words can Give Spirit or Down How do you use words every day? Do you love to use good or bad words to yourself and people around you? Ouch, why I ask this question because as a human sometimes we always use bad words because we think we deserve to get bad words. Are you sure what do you think that is right? 


Today, Citra wants to tell you story about The words can give spirit and down. Why I said like this, because that is true. Can you imagine if every day you always use bad words to yourself and it will record to your mind and you think what did you said to yourself that is true. It is so danger right! That is why the title today the words can give spirit and down into our lives.


What do you always say about yourself? Are you ugly? Are you fat? You are not pretty and having long noise. You are not confidence about your body because your body is getting extra weight and get heavy. I mean so FATTY. That words you tell it every day to yourself and it will record to your mind and it will make you think, that’s you are so fatty, ugly and bad person. That is making you are not confidence and enjoy your life.

How if we change said something, it is like bad words being good words. How if we said like this ouch my goodness, my body is getting extra weight and I am still pretty. I just need get little hard workout and I can get health with great bonus, my body can be slim. See, this is so different meaning while you said I am so fatty, I don’t like my body. It so negative words. Better using positive words and get better life.

Life is annoy sometimes but get more worse when we always use bad words or negative into our lives. Better, you use good words to get motivation into your life.

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The Words are not Enemy
Everyone know life is not good
Many words you always hear
Sometimes it is like kill you
You hate to hear about bad words
But you can denied bad words

The bad words every day you hear
It become who you are without you know
You become grumpy in your day life
Never feel enjoy about beautiful day
Because you just feel bad day every time

The words sound like your enemy
Which it can kill you whatever it is
Actually the words are not enemy
Such as you know how to say the word
It can make you enjoy the life every day

Using good words every day
Don’t listen bad word from people
Said good words to yourself
Then you will said thank you
Because you have blessing life


Happy Story start from You

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  1. Kadang dalam hidup itu emang kita cuma perlu berdamai dengan diri sendiri saja kok, menerima segalanya, dan percayalah semuanya pasti akan baik-baik saja. Thanks for reminder kak :3

  2. Lama lama kak citra ni bisa jadi motivator lah, biar orang bisa punya semangat dan energi positif dalam menjalani hidup :)

  3. Always positif thinking, and learning.

  4. agree. we should develop positive mind n perception about ourself n life

  5. Luar biasa kakak. Memang kata-kata yang kita itu bisa membawa kehidupan atau sebaliknya.

  6. lama lama jadi mario teguh versi bahasa inggris nih

  7. suka banget sama tulisan tulisan kak citra

    selalu saja ada kata kata yang bisa jadi motivasi yang wow : we o we

    dan jadi hasrat untuk menuliskan kata tersebut dalam rangkaian tulisan tersendiri di blog aku

    te o pe be ge te banget deh kakak ( top banget )

  8. The word are not enemy... Yyasss!!! Setuju kak. Untuk dunia emak2, bnyk bgt kata2 yg kadang jadi "enemy"...

  9. I love using good words for my day and kids... ya sometimes when it was worst, I use bad words for everything... hahahaha.... Thanks for the writing and making it as a reminder for every reader..


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