Fun Time Adventure in Bat Cave and James Bond Island Part 1 What do you expected when you are going holiday? What is your make a wish when holiday? Is the weather friendly or gets fun during adventure? I think, I love both of them; How if you get worse weather during your holiday? Will you get disappointed and make your mood is worse? Honestly, I find that all on my holiday in Thailand, especially Phuket, but I also enjoy my time. Even the weather is worse, it make my adventure is perfect.

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Today, Citra wants to tell you story about fun time adventure in Bat Cave and James Bond Island, Phuket, Thailand. Many packages tour in street offer one day tour to some islands; you and I can find it to make your holiday is amazing. Some people offer the expensive price, and good price. I am trying to get good price to get fun in some islands. I have to go to some counters, compare the price, and finally I can find one package tour with the good price on my pocket. 

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I almost can’t sleep well, and make a wish the weather is great tomorrow; because the weather can’t get prediction on September. I just wish it is great time. So, let’s get adventure to Phang Nga Bay or some people know that island is James Bond Island. Wow, I can’t wait to find this itinerary is amazing. Although I have to wake up early morning to get pick up from the lobby hotel to go to pier.
The way to go to the pier is long way, if I am not wrong its need an hour or less. Even like that, my eyes are so heavy, and I decided to edit video the way to go to the pier. So, I will not waste my time.  The sky is blue and grey sometimes, its mean the weather can’t prediction. I just hope my holiday to James Bond islands is perfect. I hope, I can get best experience during my holiday in Thailand for the first time. 


Honestly, I really want go used speed boat, but the weather can not prediction. That is why I decided use big boat, better safe first in this weather. Even, the best adventure, of course used speed boat or small boat. I know it because some friends which using the speed boat get many spots then big boat. The big boat only 4 spots, they offer to us. No worry, I do so excited to go adventure to some point in brochure. They offer itinerary such as explore Panak island and canoeing at Bat cave and enjoy canoeing at Hong Island and have nice lunch. Then visit James bond islands and relaxing in Lana Island. 

Finally, the car stopped in the market, close to Ao Po Pier. I have to join to some group with the orange sticker. A guide explains about the rule and anything to make us safety. The guide can speak English and Mandarin, plus little bit bahasa (Indonesia language). He called me kakak (sister for women for respect).  I have to walk to get to gate Ao Po Pier, its need around 5-7 minutes. The way to go to pier is nice, I take some photos. Then, we have to continue with the local bus to bring us to pier to get on the boat. It’s so nice, really. The most excited the way when the boat is already leaving the pier. Suddenly, I can see many big limestone cliffs. 



The group in the boat many mix country, the most from Middle East, China and Indonesia either. I talked to them and they are run away for short gate away after meeting in Malaysia. I do understand, why they do it because Malaysia so close to Thailand. Who does not like to try to get lost in amazing islands with the great view, good service and of course easy and it is not expensive. So different from Riau Islands where is everything is so expensive to go to some islands, but I wish one day, I also can get discover Riau Islands with easy and good money in pocket either, oopss.





The point one is so close, the guide tells us to get down on the boat, because the boat is level boat.  One for the captain and crew and the up level for passengers, so passengers will be easy to see the view from the open boat. From the big boat, we have to use kayak to go to the caves. The wave is so high and I confuse about should I bring my camera or just my smartphone? So, I won’t take risk my camera can broke! I decide just use my smartphone and put it on water proof case. So, sorry if the picture in this story is not so clear. 





Honestly, I am so afraid because the wave is so damn high; I can’t swimming and I always pray from my bottom of heart to make me safe, even I use my safety jacket. Let’s get adventure between waves and kayak. Slowly, the kayak goes to the caves, from the light do dark. Its so quite adventurous for me. Sometimes, we have to lie down in the kayak because many coral reefs so close form our head. Everything is dark and I can not see something, only the light from the kayak “driver” (oops). He explains about this caves and it so interesting. I also can see many bats in the cave. It’s so interested. 




Do you ever get this experience? What is making you afraid during adventure in the bad weather? Honestly, I am afraid to sink because I can not swim. Even like that, I am trying to dare myself to make me confidence to go to the deep sea. I have to say, see you another part 2, because I won’t to make you bore to read my long article about this adventure.




Remember, when you decide to get best experience. You have to believe everything will be alright, make sure the brochure and the real is some, because many cheat agent in the street about the tour and itinerary. Pay half first and the rest when you already get in the pier and meet some group with the sticker travel agency. Have fun and great time to be adventure people. If you think, you want to get adventure like this with your friends, why you do not share this article to your friends and make plan to get trip together.




Happy Story start from You

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